2-way SMS messaging

Build instant connections with customers through 2-way conversations.

Send & receive SMS and track and manage replies from customers in real-time.

Contacts management

2-way SMS messaging

SMS scheduling

SMS activity

International sending

Emojis & Unicode support

Custom SMS sender ID

Multiple ways to send

Use Cases

Show customers you care through conversational messaging.

Let customers talk to your business through 2-way SMS to build brand loyalty, trust and positive relationships with your organisation.
Delivery tracking
Staff roster management
Customer feedback surveys
Competitions & promotions
Booking reminders
Emergency alerts

Effortless contacts management that saves you time.

Manage your contacts all in one place. Upload your mobile numbers via CSV, add custom fields and create contact groups to organise your 2-way SMS campaigns. Report and track SMS replies in real-time to gauge engagement and modify your campaign to ensure the best results.

Let us beat your current SMS pricing.


Why no other provider stacks up like we do.

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Revolutionary best-in-class platform
100% transparency & industry-best pricing
Proven and trusted expertise

Explore all our SMS features.

The online SMS platform with all the features you know and love, plus more. Looking for something else? Request a feature by sending us an email at info@notifyre.com.
Email to SMS
Virtual mobile number
SMS personalisation
SMS broadcast

All your 2-way SMS questions, answered.

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Can I receive SMS via Notifyre?

Yes! You’ll be able to receive SMS replies from customers for any SMS message that you send through the platform. This includes sending SMS via our secure web portal, email, API integration, app or Zapier integration.

How much does it cost to receive SMS via Notifyre?

When using a Notifyre system number, receiving SMS is free for up to 48 hours after an SMS is sent. If you’ve added a virtual mobile number to your account, you’ll receive unlimited free SMS replies, forever.

Do I need a dedicated virtual mobile number to receive SMS via Notifyre?

No. Adding a dedicated virtual mobile number is optional and not required to receive SMS via Notifyre. However, without a virtual SMS number, you can only receive SMS replies for up to 48 hours after an SMS is sent.

Can I receive SMS to my email inbox?

Yes! All SMS replies are received directly to your email inbox. This is the email address that is attached to the Notifyre account which you are sending SMS from.

Can I receive SMS to my smartphone?

You can view SMS replies on your smartphone via the Notifyre secure web portal or mobile app. SMS replies can be received directly to your smartphone by adding your mobile number to Notifyre. Chat with our support team on 1300 032 936 for more information.

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