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Hey, we're Notifyre.

Powering next-gen messaging, fuelled by passion.
our story

It all started with a fax.

Where legacy plays nice with the new.

We've been around for a while.

Since 2000, we’ve helped move physical faxing to a paperless cloud-based solution. Believe it or not, to this day, faxing is still a prominent method of secure information exchange in healthcare and other sectors today.

Notifyre, a multi-channel communications hub.

Arming organisations with the platform as well as a growing suite of tools like cloud fax, SMS and block-chain based secure messaging, file transfer and storage features.

The vision.

We believe Notifyre is the vessel that enables organisations to transition from traditional messaging mediums like fax, to more secure and interoperable communications systems and workflows like secure messaging.

Using Notifyre, organisations continue to easily make the shift to new technologies like secure messaging in their own time, without being in a synchronised step with every other organisation in the industry.
Years of messaging experience
Customers and counting...
Australian owned and operated

What we're all about.

We future-proof legacy messaging systems by supercharging their feature-sets and empowering businesses with access to intelligent workflows in a multi-channel platform.
Fuel your fyre.
Be their superhero.
Chameleon vision.
Home sweet home.

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The digital messaging solution your business has been waiting for.
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