Scams Awareness

Stirdie improves transparency and accountability of data through an immutable audit trail, eliminating messaging scams & fraud.
Scams and your industry
Scammers are taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to target Australian businesses in all industries with a range of scams including but not limited to phishing, vaccine supply scams and business email compromise. The Australian healthcare industry remains the highest reporting sector of cyber incidents in 2020, accounting for 22% of all breaches.
Protecting your business
Some things to keep in mind when protecting your business from the impact of fraud and scams.
Fake emails
Genuine emails about online government or business services will not include links to sign in pages, or ask for your personal information, account details, PIN or passwords.
Suspicious links
If you are unsure if the email, call or SMS you have received is genuine, do not click any links or open any attachments, and contact the organisation using contact details that you’ve found yourself (e.g. using a search engine like Google).
Change of bank details
If you are unsure about a change to a supplier or employee’s bank account details, call them to confirm even if an explanation is provided by email.
Business security compromise
Make sure your business computers have up-to-date security software.
Keep staff informed
Train your staff to be on the lookout for scams or anything unusual.
Unregistered charities
Genuine charities will likely be registered. You can check this using the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission website.
Protecting your customers
It’s a business’ responsibility to safeguard not only your own information, but also any sensitive data that belongs to employees and customers.
Stay up-to-date
Keep informed about common cybersecurity threats and scams.
Security measures
Instill best security practices throughout your business.
New technology
Move to implement new and innovative technologies to secure data.
Be proactive
Your business can help reduce the impact of fraud and scams.
Stirdie’s commitment
We’re committed to stamping out fraud and scams globally via our secure blockchain-based verified messaging tool.
Build trust
Verified messaging aims to help build trust in business communications through a secure and verifiable messaging tool, audited by blockchain.
Open and transparent
By creating an immutable data trail, we provide both businesses and users with a verifiable record of all message transactions, building greater transparency.
How Stirdie is helping to protect businesses
Tamper-proof messaging service audited by blockchain to reduce business security vulnerability risks
Build brand trust and customer confidence by verifying your business as a legitimate sender
Securely send and receive data through a directory of verified users
How Stirdie is helping to protect customers
Easily spot the difference between a spam text message or one from a legitimate business
Gain confidence that messages are legitimate and sent from a verified source
What to do if your business is scammed
Report a scam to Scamwatch
If you have sent money or banking details to a scammer, contact your bank immediately. You are also encouraged to contact your local police, or report it to ReportCyber if the contact has taken place online
What to do if a scammer is impersonating your business
Consider if the matter should be reported to ReportCyber
Warn your customers about the scam and place a notice on your website
Report any fake social media accounts to the platform so they can be shut down
If any of your email accounts have been compromised, change your password for those account(s)
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