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Bring your fax to the NBN and discover how faxing should be.

Seamlessly transition to a fast, reliable and secure online fax service that you can count on for critical business communications.

Plays nice with others.

Need to send a fax to a fax machine or receive a fax from one? Notifyre plays nicely with traditional fax machines, so you’ll see no difference in your sent and received fax jobs when you make the switch, just an improvement in reliability, security and speed. Notifyre’s 99.99% guaranteed server uptime and NBN compatibility means your faxes will get delivered on time, every time. No more busy signals, just uninterrupted faxing.

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Is Notifyre NBN compatible?

Notifyre is 100% NBN compatible. If you have an internet connection, you can send and receive faxes with Notifyre on any device including your desktop, mobile phone and tablet.

The platform is compatible with dial-up, ADSL, ISDN, satellite, cable, wireless (wifi), NBN, celluar (3G, 4G 5G) – any existing internet connection.

Is my traditional fax machine compatible with the NBN?

In short, yes, but if your area is switching to the NBN, your current fax service may no longer be fully operational after the NBN transition. Your traditional fax machine may not work without an adapter and even then, you won’t be able to rely on it to send or receive critical time-sensitive information.

By switching to Notifyre, you can send & receive faxes reliably as soon as you sign up. What are you waiting for?

Can I transfer my existing fax number to Notifyre?

Yes. You can port your existing fax number to Notifyre's 100% NBN compatible online faxing platform. Porting is a simple process that you can complete yourself once you've signed up for a free Notifyre account.

Is it easy to make the switch to Notifyre?

Yes! All you need to do is sign up for a Notifyre account, attach a payment method and top-up your wallet and you're ready to start faxing via Notifyre's secure web portal, through our mobile app, via your email client or even API integration.

Want to receive faxes? No worries. You can easily port your existing fax number to Notifyre or add a new fax number to your account.

How do I make sure my fax service is NBN ready?

To prepare your fax service for the NBN, be sure to have an NBN migration plan in place.

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