Frustration-free faxing,
how it should be.

Go green and save money with an online fax solution that has everything you need to ditch the fax machine.


Turn your email inbox into an online fax machine.

Use the channel you’re most familiar with and turn your emails into faxes with Notifyre.

Setup and launch: Send & receive email to fax in minutes via your favourite app. No downloads or installations required.
Setup and launch: Send & receive email to fax in minutes via your favourite app. No downloads or installations required.
Unlimited email senders: Send email to fax on your terms. Have complete control of who sends email to fax from your Notifyre account.

Effortlessly add fax broadcasting into your marketing mix.

Elevate your business faxing with the capability to send fax broadcasts to an unlimited number of fax numbers, anywhere, anytime.

Easy contacts management: Import your contacts via a CSV or add individual contacts to send your fax broadcast to thousands, all at the same time.
Send faxes around the world: Broadcast a fax to any fax number in over 200+ countries via our global carrier network.
Watch your business grow: View and measure your fax broadcast campaigns in real-time with complete visibility over your sent & received faxes.


It doesn’t get any better than this.

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Port your existing fax number online, without interruptions.

Give the fax machine a boot by transferring your fax number online to us via our simple porting process.

No more fax machine: Port your fax number online and say goodbye to fax machine errors & unreliability and hello to seamless faxing from anywhere.
Top-notch security: Multiple layers of security provides peace of mind when sending & receiving faxes via a fax number in Notifyre.
Reduce expenses: Stop paying for expensive fax hardware costs and discover the benefits and cost-effectiveness of online faxing.

Build fax functionality into your apps & software in minutes.

Grow your business and get your promotions seen through effective broadcast fax marketing.

Comprehensive API documentation: In-depth API documentation is available for fax sending & receiving, as well as contacts management.
SDKs & client libraries: Start building instantly with our SDKs and client libraries available in multiple programming languages.
Dedicated support team: Our team are on-hand to assist with any questions regarding our fax API and are contactable via live chat, email and phone.

Programmable fax API for developers

Turn manual processes into seamless software experiences.

Security and compliance is at the heart of everything we do.

We take data security seriously. At Notifyre, we have advanced security features with multiple layers of data security in place to safeguard your critical fax communications. We also comply with regulations and guidelines set out by global legal and governing bodies to ensure your fax communications remain compliant.

HIPPA Compliant
Business Grade Infrastructure
Server Uptime
Encrypted Cloud Storage

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Implementing an online fax solution in your medical practice

Implementing an online fax solution in your medical practice

Learn about why your medical practice needs to make the switch to an online fax solution to improve communication, efficiency & patient satisfaction.

It’s time to modernise faxing in the healthcare industry

It’s time to modernize faxing in the healthcare industry

Stop using the fax machine and start using Notifyre. It’s time for you to get ahead of the curve and move your fax communications online.

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