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Easily manage and send bulk SMS to hundreds, or thousands, via your preferred channel.

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2-way SMS messaging

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International sending

Emojis & Unicode support

Custom SMS sender ID

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Reach your customers at scale with SMS broadcast.

Broadcast your SMS message to your entire contact list to reach your customers, no matter where they are.
Event management
Customer surveys
Alerts & notifications
Competitions & promotions
Marketing campaigns
Emergency alerts

House your contacts all in one place.

upload your list of mobile numbers to the address book and create contact groups to manage your contacts, opt-in, opt-out lists, and more, all in the one place. Create targeted SMS broadcast campaigns, send bulk SMS to hundreds (or thousands) of contacts and manage replies in a single platform.

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Do I need to install software to send bulk SMS through Notifyre?

No, no software downloads or installations are required to start sending. As soon as you’ve created a free Notifyre account, simply add a payment method and top-up your wallet to start sending SMS instantly through our secure web-based portal.

Why should I send SMS broadcast?

SMS broadcasts are the perfect way to reach your audience all at once. If you have a sale and want to alert your entire customer-base, or just want to send a bulk SMS message to welcome all your new customers, SMS is the tool for you.

How do I send SMS broadcast?

Simply upload your contacts (either via a CSV or done manually through the Notifyre secure web poral), ensure they’re added to a list and select the contact list when sending a quick SMS via the Notifyre web portal. An SMS broadcast can also be sent via email, API integration or through your existing apps via our Zapier integration.

Can I receive SMS replies from customers to my broadcast?

Yes, you can receive free SMS replies from customers for up to 48 hours after an SMS broadcast has been sent when using a Notifyre system number. If you’ve added a virtual mobile number to your account and use this to send your broadcast, you’ll receive free unlimited SMS replies.

How much does an SMS broadcast cost?

The cost of an SMS broadcast depends on how many contacts you send the SMS to. A standard SMS (up to 160 characters) costs just $0.05 AUD. View full SMS pricing here.

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