How much does fax number porting cost?

A simple fax number port costs $30 AUD, whereas a complex port costs $110 AUD.

How long does the fax number porting process take?

Your fax number porting request will be processed by the Notifyre Support team who will keep you updated throughout the process. Simple ports may take up to 30 days and a complex port may take up to 120 business days. This is a carrier level advised timeframe and fortunately, ports are usually processed much quicker.

What is the difference between simple fax number porting and complex fax number porting?

Simple fax number porting refers to a simple service or number configuration, whereas a complex fax number porting refers to a complex service or number configuration, including but not limited to services with a Duet, Line Hunt, in-dial, On Ramp, ISDN or digitally hosted numbers. We recommend that you check with your current carrier to determine whether the port will be simple or complex.

Can I start using Notifyre straight away?

Yes! You don’t need a fax number to send faxes with Notifyre. Once you have signed up, you can start sending faxes instantly via our pay-as-you-go service. If you want to receive faxes via Notifyre, simply choose a free Notifyre number and set up a redirection.

How many fax numbers can I port to Notifyre?

Have multiple sites or departments in your organization? No worries. You can port as many fax numbers to Notifyre as you need.