SMS 101: Benefits and features


Notifyre’s powerful SMS toolkit is designed for users and businesses alike to engage and communicate with customers on their most familiar channel. SMS is the perfect way to send targeted messages directly to your audience, receive and manage replies and more.

Get in touch with your customers quickly by incorporating SMS into your business communications. A simple, easy-to-use platform with no added downloads or installations ‚Äď send SMS text messages via secure online portal, email, app or API integration.

With Notifyre’s multi-carrier network, you can send SMS messages around the world to over 200 destinations and ensure effective communications with customers, clients or employees, no matter where your organization is located.

We also have advanced security features and are industry-compliant, so you have total peace of mind when sending SMS text messages to your audience.


What is an online SMS service?

Connect directly with your audience through SMS text messages. Send, receive, track and manage text messages with customers, employees and more around the world via‚ÄĮNotifyre‚Äôs‚ÄĮversatile SMS platform, built for business.

SMS marketing‚ÄĮ
SMS marketing is used by businesses to attract new customers and nurture existing ones through promotions, competitions, coupons and giveaways. SMS marketing is the perfect way to grow your SMS opt-in list by sending an SMS broadcast or bulk SMS to your customer base with an ‚Äėopt-out‚Äô option to stay compliant.

Internal SMS communications
Internal SMS communications refers to when businesses send SMS text messages to staff, employees and team members for reminders, alerts, updates, staff rosters and more. Internal SMS text messages can help improve business efficiencies, streamline workflows and keep employees connected.

Transactional SMS‚ÄĮ
Transactional SMS text messages are non-marketing text messages designed to support the customer journey and improve loyalty with your brand. Transactional SMS text messages provide customers with valuable information about a business’ product, service or processes, such as order confirmations, shipping updates and booking reminders.


SMS key features

Quick send ‚Äď Simple, easy-to-use interface makes sending SMS as easy as composing your message and selecting the to number.

Contacts management ‚Äď Manage your mobile numbers in a single app, for fast and convenient access.

Email to SMS – Send and receive SMS directly via your existing email account with unlimited email senders.

SMS broadcast – Easily broadcast SMS messages to your entire audience, or to individual contacts.

SMS activity ‚Äď have complete visibility over your communications with the ability to view sent and received SMS messages via the Notifyre dashboard.

Two-way SMS – Allows customers to reply to your SMS messages via a virtual mobile number so you can track, manage and instantly action replies.

SMS templates – Use SMS on a regular basis? Notifyre lets users save SMS templates for future use, if required.

Opt-out management РManage your customers’ opt-out and unsubscribe preferences through the Notifyre dashboard.

API integration ‚Äď easily embed Notifyre‚Äôs SMS features and functionality into your current business applications with our powerful SMS API.

Cloud storage ‚Äď all sent and received SMS messages are stored on the cloud for security and compliance purposes.


Getting started with Notifyre SMS


Create a free Notifyre account to start sending SMS text messages today at just 4c per SMS.

Learn more about Notifyre SMS by visiting our Help Center.

How to send SMS online

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How to setup a dedicated virtual mobile number

How to view sent and received SMS activity

SMS character limits

SMS settings


SMS broadcast


SMS broadcast, also known as bulk SMS or mass SMS sending, provides your organization with a simple way to broadcast SMS text messages to your entire audience. Keep your customers, clients or employees in-the-loop with reminders, promotions, SMS marketing campaigns, surveys and more.

With 90% of SMS text messages read by recipients within 3 minutes of them being received and most, on average, being read in under 5 seconds, sending bulk SMS text messages is the perfect way for your organization to connect with your audience in real-time.

SMS broadcast and help you to maintain and build positive relationships with your audience. Merge bulk SMS capability with 2-way SMS conversations to improve communication processes, customer experiences and streamline business workflows. Immediately action replies from your audience with all SMS replies accessible through the Notifyre dashboard. View sent and received SMS replies in real-time with our advanced communications management tools.

From sending one SMS to mass texting thousands of customers at once, Notifyre‚Äôs powerful SMS broadcast tool scales to meet your needs ‚Äď for whatever your communications strategy requires.


How does SMS broadcast work?


Once you’ve created a free Notifyre account, it’s easy to start sending SMS broadcast. Simply:

  • Login to¬†the Notifyre dashboard
  • Select ‚ÄúSMS‚ÄĚ on the left navigation and “Quick SMS‚ÄĚ from the dropdown¬†menu
  • Choose whether to send the SMS broadcast from a shared¬†Notifyre¬†number or a dedicated virtual mobile¬†number
  • Select the group of contacts you wish to send an SMS broadcast to. You can enter the mobile numbers manually or choose from an existing contact group
  • Click ‚ÄúSend‚ÄĚ and your SMS broadcast will be sent to your audience in a matter of minutes!


Visit the Notifyre Help Center to learn more about how to send an SMS broadcast.


SMS broadcast for healthcare


Implementing SMS broadcast in your healthcare organization can instantly improve communication with patients and assist with overall patient care. General practices, clinics, hospitals, specialists and other organizations in the healthcare industry are embracing the use of SMS broadcast to update and keep patients informed, increasing communication and productivity in the workplace.

Some of the best use cases for SMS broadcast in healthcare include:


1. Capturing patient feedback through customer satisfaction SMS surveys

By sending a customer satisfaction survey to patients’ post-appointment via an SMS broadcast, you can capture valuable feedback to assist your healthcare organization in providing the best patient care available. Easily insert a link to a customised survey for your business and watch your patient‚Äôs feedback roll in.


2. SMS messages alerting patients to healthcare provider closure and holiday dates.

Notify all patients and employees of possible closure dates due to public holidays or other events by sending a bulk SMS out to your entire contact list, all at the same time. Customise your SMS sends with Notifyre’s custom fields, allowing you to send personalised SMS with fields such as first name, last name, company name or more.


3. Updating patients and employees through SMS broadcast on emergencies or providing crisis information.

Using SMS broadcast can keep patients and employees at all levels informed about emergencies and crisis information, like severe weather warnings, power outages and other incidents that may affect your healthcare organization.


4. Providing patients with news and alerts to new services

Have a new service offering? Maybe you’ve decided to open your general practice on weekends or late nights due to employing a new doctor? Any healthcare-related news and updates can be communicated with patients and employees through an SMS broadcast. A simple SMS text message can help keep patients informed, improve communications and increase overall business revenue.


5. Managing healthcare employee rosters

Sending bulk SMS text messages to employees is a convenient and efficient method to fill shifts on late notice and cancel duties when necessary. Move your manual roster management online and see SMS replies from staff in real-time, reducing overall administration costs in your healthcare organization.



Email to SMS


Email to SMS provides organizations with the ability to easily send and receive SMS text message directly through your existing email client. With no additional software or hardware installations required email to SMS communications is a simple way to send SMS with Notifyre without ever leaving your inbox.

Empower employees or team members to conveniently send and receive SMS through email with an unlimited number of email senders. Simply add their email address to the list, allow time for verification and they’ll be sending email to SMS within minutes.

Notifyre’s email to SMS feature powers communications and relationships with customers in organizations of all sizes. No matter what industry your organization falls in, we have your security covered. With end-to-end encryption, all email to SMS messages sent through an existing email client will be protected from being accessed by unauthorised users.



How does email to SMS work?


Once you’ve created a free Notifyre account  and added an email address as an authorized sender, it’s easy to start sending email to SMS.

  • Login to your email client. Notifyre is compatible with all email clients including Gmail¬ģ, Outlook¬ģ, Yahoo¬ģ and more
  • Compose a new email
  • In the ‚ÄúTo‚ÄĚ field: Enter the recipient‚Äôs mobile number (including the country code and area code) followed by For example, when sending email to SMS in Australia:
  • In the ‚ÄúSubject‚ÄĚ field: Enter a subject for the SMS text message. This is optional
  • In the body of the email: Enter the SMS body text
  • Click “Send”


Visit the Notifyre Help Center to learn more about how to send an email to SMS.


Email to SMS for government


Transform communications within government with the world’s most secure, reliable and complaint online SMS service. Improve service quality, reduce operational costs and eliminate manual processes by implementing email to SMS communications within your government agency, organization or department.

With a 90% open rate, Notifyre’s email to SMS feature ensures that government time-critical updates are read on time, every time, including emergency alerts, interdepartmental communications, elections, council meetings, reminders and more.

Some of the best use cases for email to SMS in government include:


1. Emergency health alerts

Keep communities updated in real-time by sending email to SMS messages with important updates and alerts, whenever urgent communications are required. During these uncertain times, it’s essential to keep the community informed of COVID-19 public health alerts.


2. Scheduling and reminders for local council meetings

Send email to SMS messages to residents and communities about upcoming local council meetings, discussions or focus groups to ensure people are updated about government-related events that may affect them.


3. Election campaigns and result announcements

Implement email to SMS in current election campaigns to improve communications with voters and encourage awareness. Send email to SMS to recruit volunteers, start fundraising initiatives, provide voting contact details and more.


4. Managing interdepartmental communications

Using email to SMS allows government agencies and organizations to communicate effectively with departments, reducing administration costs and improving efficiency. Send internal email to SMS text messages for meeting updates, scheduling, share minutes and more.


5. Government department hiring

Send an SMS text message to your entire audience or internal employees and staff when a new job is available. With Notifyre’s simple email to SMS function, employees never have to leave their inbox and can easily send an individual SMS or SMS broadcast to anyone in your government organization.


2-way SMS messaging


Build instant connections with customers through Notifyre’s 2-way SMS feature. Use 2-way SMS to send and receive SMS text messages, track and manage replies from customers and action straight away.

With only 13% of businesses allowing for customers to respond to their SMS messages, it’s time to make the most of 2-way SMS communications in your organization. Streamline business processes and start building positive relationships with your customers.

Customers are 4.5x more likely to reply to an SMS text message than an email, allowing your organization to capture the attention of your customers straight away. Manage SMS opt-outs and send SMS text messages at critical stages in your customer’s journey.


How does 2-way SMS work?


To receive SMS replies with Notifyre and implement 2-way SMS in your business, you are first required to purchase a dedicated virtual mobile number. Once purchased, you’ll automatically receive SMS replies from customers to your chosen dedicated virtual mobile number. You’ll also have the option to receive SMS replies straight to your email inbox.


2-way SMS for hair and beauty


Drive sales and increase revenue by implementing 2-way SMS communications into your hair and beauty business’ communications workflows. Keep customers involved by running SMS competitions, providing discounts, offering promotions, promoting new products and/or services and more.

Build trust in your hair and beauty brand and gain loyal customers by personalising your SMS text messages. Over 78% of customers are likely to engage with an offer if it has been personalised to reflect how they’ve interacted with a brand previously. Create positive customer experiences with your hair and beauty business by allowing customers to respond to your SMS through two-way conversations.

Some of the best use cases for 2-way SMS communications in hair and beauty include:


1. Appointment reminders

It’s time to take advantage of 2-way SMS in your hair and beauty business, with 85% of customers wanting to receive appointment reminders via SMS. Reduce appointment no-shows by sending SMS text messages for appointment reminders, follow-ups and more, allowing customers to reply to confirm reschedule or cancel upcoming appointments.


2. Payment reminders

With the popularity of buy-now-pay-later methods, if your hair or beauty organization offers these payment methods, it’s important to have a 2-way SMS communications strategy in place to ensure payments are always made on time.


3. Customer satisfaction surveys

Gain valuable feedback from customers by implementing 2-way SMS communications within your hair or beauty organization. Send out an SMS survey to all customers once they’ve attended their appointment and use reviews to boost your brand awareness, attract more customers and improve customer loyalty.


4. New service and/or product notifications

Is your hair or beauty organization offering a new service or product? 2-way SMS provides the perfect way to update customers and clients with what’s new in your business. Use 2-way SMS text messaging to drive competitions, bookings and more.


5. Employee shift notifications

Need to fill a shift on short notice? 2-way SMS is the perfect way to gather responses from employees or team members as soon as possible. Send a 2-way SMS text message to employees or team members with available shifts and use keywords that allow them to accept or decline the shift, improving internal communications within your hair or beauty business.


Dedicated virtual mobile number


Never stop 2-way conversations with customers by purchasing a dedicated virtual mobile phone number with Notifyre, allowing you to receive SMS replies from customers, clients and staff at any time.

A virtual mobile number dedicated to your organization allows you to build two-way relationships and have meaningful conversations via your customer’s most familiar channel. Once purchased, you’ll be able to choose to send SMS text messages with this number (or continue to send via a Notifyre shared number) and receive replies.

Does your organization have multiple sites, departments or locations? You can purchase as many dedicated virtual mobile numbers as necessary and receive SMS replies from customers to your specific reply to number/s.


How does a dedicated virtual mobile number work?


Once you’ve created a free Notifyre account, you can easily purchase a dedicated virtual mobile number via the Notifyre dashboard.

  • Login to the Notifyre Dashboard
  • Select ‚ÄúSMS‚ÄĚ on the left navigation
  • Select ‚ÄúNumbers‚ÄĚ from the dropdown menu
  • Select ‚Äú+ Add New‚ÄĚ to add a new Virtual Mobile Number to your Notifyre Dashboard
  • Select ‚ÄúAdd to cart‚ÄĚ and proceed to purchase


Visit the Notifyre Help Center to learn more about how to purchase or cancel a dedicated virtual mobile number


Dedicated virtual mobile number for banking and finance


Build customer loyalty and trust in your bank or financial institution with a dedicated virtual mobile number. Through SMS, you’ll be present on the communications channel that matters and ensure time-critical information is always delivered safely and reliably.

Use your dedicated virtual mobile number to send SMS text messages to customers for bank transactions, account changes, low balances, attempted fraud alerts and more. By sending SMS text messages from a number customers recognise, you create a positive communications experience for your customers.

Some of the best use cases for a dedicated virtual mobile number in banking and finance include:


1. Two-factor authentications

With 61% of banks reporting an increase in fraud over the past three years, enabling two-factor authentication via SMS combats account fraud and ensures your customers stay protected when using your financial services.


2. Fraud alerts

Protect customer accounts and confidential information from scams or fraud attempts by sending an SMS text message for any suspicious account activity or fraudulent transactions. With 90% of SMS text messages being opened within 90 seconds, customers can quickly action the issue within minutes.


3. Upcoming scheduled payment notifications

In the banking and finance industry, it’s important to keep customers informed of upcoming transactions or payments. Use Notifyre’s dedicated virtual mobile number option to send SMS text message notifications, ensuring customers are aware of upcoming payments or transactions from their account.


4. Interest rate changes or account updates

Interest rate changes or account updates are time-sensitive and customers need to be informed if their rate or fees change. By sending customers an SMS text message, you ensure critical information is always sent on time, every time.


5. Credit or debit card activations

Improve operational efficiencies and reduce administration costs with SMS text messages sent to customers along their credit card or account activation journey. Use your dedicated virtual mobile number to information customers of credit card activations, expiry and more.