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$0.02 per SMS

    • tick icn Pay-as-you-go
    • tick icn Top up your wallet as needed
    • tick icn 160 characters per SMS part
    • tick icn Emojis supported
    • tick icn Optional Virtual Mobile Number $5.00/month

Pricing is in US dollars excluding sales tax.

See Terms for SMS character count and additional charges.

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You can create a free Notifyre account to access the platform. To start sending SMS messages, you will need to add funds to your Notifyre wallet. A minimum funds top-up of $10 USD applies.

Notifyre accepts payment via credit card or debit card, including Visa and Mastercard.

When sending faxes, the cost of each SMS page will be deducted from your Notifyre account balance at the time of sending.

If your Notifyre account balance drops to zero, you will be unable to send any SMS messages until funds have been added. To ensure uninterrupted SMS sending, consider activating the automatic top-up feature available. If your balance drops below the desired amount, funds will automatically be added from the chosen payment method attached to your Notifyre account. Our auto top-up feature has a minimum top-up value of $10 USD.

Notifyre operates on a pay-as-you-go wallet basis, which means you’re not locked into any contracts or fixed monthly commitments. Optional virtual mobile number rental is billed monthly and can be cancelled at any time.

Character limits and message parts apply when sending an SMS through Notifyre. It is important to be aware of message characters as this can affect your total message cost.

The maximum character limit for a single SMS text message is 160 characters or 1 message part.

However, Notifyre does not restrict its users from sending an SMS text message that is longer than 160 characters (unless Character Limit is toggled ON under SMS Settings).

If a longer message (multi-part message) is sent, each message has a maximum of 153 characters due to seven characters being needed to facilitate re-joining of the message on delivery. For longer messages sent, the SMS is split into two or more messages that may be reassembled on delivery, so they are a single message (or, on some handsets, may be delivered as a series of separate SMS).

If you send an SMS text message that contains more than 160 characters or 1 Message Parts, every 153 characters or part thereof will be charged as an additional SMS message.

For example, if a SMS text message is sent with 300 characters, the SMS will contain 2 Message Parts and therefore the second Message Part will be charged as an additional SMS text message.

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