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Keep your customers connected with our free tailored text message templates for your industry.

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Order Confirmation

print-icon {}: Hi {{ firstName }}, your order has been placed! View details and more: {}.

Abandoned Cart

print-icon {} Hi {{ firstName }}, you left something in your cart! 🛒 Return now and complete your purchase to receive 10% off your total order: {}. To opt out reply STOP

Customer Satisfaction Survey

print-icon {}: Hi {{ firstName }}, please tell us about your experience with us. Leave us a review here and we’ll love you forever! 😍 {}

New Customer Welcome

print-icon {}: Hi {{ firstName }}, we’re glad you’re with us! Here’s 15% off your first order, use code FIRST at the checkout.

Absent student notifications

print-icon {educational}: Hi {{ firstName }}, {} was absent from class today. Please rely to this SMS to explain the situation or call us ASAP on {phone.number}.

Deadline reminders

print-icon {educational}: REMINDER: {assignment/assessment} is due on {}. To request an extension, please contact your course coordinator.

School SMS support services

print-icon {educational}: Hi {{ firstName }}, how are you feeling? If you’re having trouble focusing, our school counsellor is available for free consultations for students. Book online:

Exam results

print-icon {educational}: Hi {{ firstName }}, your exam results are ready. Please login to the portal to view results and feedback: {educational link}

loan payment reminder

print-icon {}: Hi {{ firstName }}, this is a friendly reminder that your loan payment for {} is to be debited from your account on {}.

Account Change Information

print-icon {}: Hi {{ firstName }}, from {date}, the interest rate on your {} will be changing. Head online for further details: {}

customer service request

print-icon {}: thanks for your request, {{ firstName }}. One of the next available support team members will give you a call on this number.

fraud alert

print-icon {}: we have detected an unusual login attempt from {}. If this was not you, please contact us immediately to suspend your account on {phone.number}.

community feedback

print-icon {}: Hi {{ firstName }}, we need your help! Please tell us your thoughts about {community.topic} via this 2-minute survey:

council meeting reminder

print-icon {}: Hi {{ firstName }}, you're invited to attend a public meeting on {} at {meeting.time} for {meeting.discussion.topic}.

emergency alerts

print-icon {}: Emergency alert: severe weather event likely to impact {local.area}. Large hail stones and strong winds predicted. Seek shelter and avoid travel.

political election campaign

print-icon {}: Come and support your local MP today at {place}. We’ll be here all day to answer your questions about the upcoming election.

Appointment reminder

print-icon {}: Hi {{ firstName }}, your {appointment.type} with {} is coming up on {} at {appointment.time}. Manage your appointment:

Booking confirmation

print-icon {}: Hi {{ firstName }}, your booking for {booking.type} has been confirmed on {} {appointment.time}. Manage your booking:

New services promotion

print-icon {}: Hi {{ firstName }}, we’re now offering {new.service}! Receive 10% off your first booking. Use code NEWSERVICE when you book with us

Request a review

print-icon {}: Hi { firstName }}, you recently had a {service.type} with {}, and we’d love to hear your feedback. Please leave us a review to help us get the word out! {}

Appointment reminder

print-icon {}: Hi {{ firstName }}, you have an appointment to have a medical checkup with {} on {date} at {time}. Please call our office on {phone.number} if you need to reschedule.

annual health check-up

print-icon {}: Hi {{ firstName }}, you’re due for your annual checkup. To schedule an appointment, reply “Yes” or call us directly on {phone.number}.

patient experience

print-icon {}: Hi {{ firstName }}, thank you for allowing us to care for you. We would greatly appreciate it if you could leave us some feedback on your experience: Thank you!

test notifications

print-icon {}: Hi {{ firstName }}, your test results are now available on {health.portal}. Please login to check your results. Call us on {phone.number} if you require a follow-up appointment.

Restaurant & bar specials

print-icon {}: Hi {{ firstName }}, join us for happy hour 🍹 on Friday @ 6pm for half price drinks and entrees!

Reservation confirmation

print-icon {}: Hi {{ firstName }}, you have a reservation at {} tomorrow at 6.30pm. Please confirm your reservation by replying to this message with YES

Accommodation specials and deals

print-icon {}: Hi {{ firstName }}, we hope you enjoyed your recent stay with us!. Receive 10% off your next booking. Use code STAY.

new café opening

print-icon {}: We’re opening our sister café! Come on down to {café.name} tomorrow at 8am and order off our $5 breakfast menu. This week only.

Legal appointment

print-icon {}: Hi {{ firstName }}, you have an appointment with {law} on {} at {appointment.time}. Please reply to this text with Y to confirm, N to cancel.

Court date notifications

print-icon {}: Hi {{ firstName }}, your upcoming court case has been scheduled for {date} {time}. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to proceedings.

Case status update

print-icon {}: Hi {{ firstName }}, the status of your court case has progressed. Please contact {} at {} on {phone.number} to discuss.

Client satisfaction survey

print-icon {}: Hi {{ firstName }}, we’d love to hear your feedback on our services. It will only take you 2 minutes to complete our survey here: {}. Thank you!

Flash sale

print-icon {}: Hi {{ firstName }}, get ready for Christmas with 25% off everything store-wide! Online only. Use code XMAS25 at checkout. Reply STOP to opt out

Product launch

print-icon {}: Hi {{ firstName }}, word on the street is that we’ve now launched {} and it has your name written all over it! {} Reply STOP to opt out

Customer reward program

print-icon {}: Thanks for being a loyal customer! Here’s 50% off your next purchase with us. Use coupon LOYAL in-store or online: {} Reply STOP to opt out

event invitation

print-icon {}: we’re throwing a party this weekend and you’re invited! Gain exclusive access to {}, discounts and more on the night. Book your ticket: {} Reply STOP to opt out

New client enquiry

print-icon {}: Hi {{ firstName }}, thanks for your interest in {}. We’ll get back to you in two business days with the top 5 options that match your search criteria.

Property listing

print-icon {}: Hi {{ firstName }}, there’s a new listing for a {house type} in {suburb} for {house.price}. Please reply Y if you would like to setup a viewing.

House inspection reminder

print-icon {}: Hi {{ firstName }}, this is a friendly reminder that you have an inspection on {date} at {time}. Please ensure you are home.

Open house follow-up

print-icon {}: Hi {{ firstName }}, thanks for joining us today at the open house at {address}. Please reach out if you have any questions about the property.

Customer re-engagement text

print-icon {}: Hi {{ firstName }}, it’s been a while; we miss you! Take a look at our new products in-store now: {}. Receive FREE shipping on your first order wit hcode SHIP. Reply STOP to opt out

New retail product purchase

print-icon {}: Hi {{ firstName }}, thanks for purchasing {}! You can view some helpful tips & tricks about the benefits of {} on our website: {}.

Item back in stock

print-icon {}: Hi {{ firstName }}, you asked, we listened. The product {} is back by popular demand! Be sure to get yours today before it sells out again. Reply STOP to opt out

Customer Feedback Survey

print-icon {}: Hi {{ firstName }}, how are you enjoying {}? If you have 5, we’d love for you to leave us your feedback: {}. Thanks!

Delivery status update notifications

print-icon {}: Hi {{ firstName }} your parcel is onboard for delivery and expected to arrive between {delivery.window}. Please ensure you are home to receive your parcel at the given address.

Driver updates

print-icon {}: Hi {{ firstName }}, client has responded that they will not be available for parcel collection. Please bring {parcel.number} to the depot for collection.

New dispatch order

print-icon {}: Hi {{ firstName }}, a new shipment has been dispatched and is scheduled to arrive at the warehouse at {time}. Please ensure team members are available for receipt of goods.

Invoice payment reminder

print-icon {}: Hi {{ firstName }}, invoice has been raised for {month} and sent to {email}. We would appreciate prompt payment to avoid any shipping delays. Thank you.

Travel Deals

print-icon {}: Deal of the day: 7-night 5-star city getaway + return flights starting from $800. Snap this up now: {}. Offer ends midnight. Reply STOP to opt out

Discount Flights

print-icon {}: 24-hour flash sale! Book your flight to {destination} for $49 one way. Limited seats available. More sale information: {}. Reply STOP to opt out

Customer Feedback

print-icon {}: Hi {{ firstName }}, thanks for staying with us! We’d love to hear your feedback. Please fill out this 2-minute survey. We’ll love you forever: {}.

Hotel Booking Reminder

print-icon {}: Hi {{ firstName }}, we have you confirmed for a {room.type} for tomorrow for {days}. Check-in time is 2pm. Your reservation number is {number}. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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