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SMS solutions for your industry

Discover how organisations are using SMS in your industry to improve communications and enhance customer engagement.
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SMS for eCommerce
Enhance communications and increase online sales through effective SMS marketing and communications for your ecommerce store.
SMS for Education
Connect directly with staff, teachers and students in real-time with SMS to communicate everything from class times to exams and upcoming events.
SMS for Financial Services
Improve brand reputation and customer loyalty by providing a seamless and secure banking service with increased security via SMS.
SMS for Government
Improve communications between government agencies, departments and communities via SMS to send time-critical updates and more in minutes.
SMS for Hair & Beauty
Get ahead of the competition with SMS to boost sales and drive business revenue for your salon or clinic through promotions, competitions and more.
SMS for Healthcare
Use SMS for appointment reminders, prescriptions, test results and more to improve the patient experience through streamlined communications for your practice.
SMS for Health & Fitness
Streamline communications in your gyms, fitness centres & health clinics for an improved customer experience.
SMS for Hospitality
Build lasting relationships with customers and ensure your restaurant, café, bar or takeaway store remains busy with fast and effective SMS text messages.
SMS for Law and Legal Services
Strengthen client relationships with your law firm or legal service and keep cases moving forward through SMS for appointments, court date notifications and more.
SMS for Marketing
Send SMS competitions, discounts, event reminders and promote product launches in real-time to drive in-store and online sales and boost business revenue.
SMS for Real Estate
Create a reliable communications channel for prospective homeowners, renters and existing tenants with your real estate agency through instant SMS text messages.
SMS for Retail
Boost sales and improve business revenue through feature-rich SMS tools built for retail businesses to send offers, promotions, coupons, loyalty vouchers and more.
SMS for Transport and Logistics
Keep deliveries moving with advanced SMS tools designed for freight, logistics and transport companies for delivery updates, shipment notifications and more.
SMS for Travel and Tourism
Boost customer satisfaction and create experiences they’ll remember through SMS communications for travel agents, tour companies, hotels and more.
SMS for Health & Fitness
Streamline communications in your gyms, fitness centres & health clinics for an improved customer experience.

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