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Securely send and receive with our online SMS service.

Transform your business messaging with SMS personalisation, SMS scheduling and unlimited free SMS replies.

Notifyre online SMS. A powerful way to send SMS online

Harness the power of online SMS and stay connected. Notifyre offers a state-of-the-art Aussie built platform for all your online SMS needs, ensuring every message reaches its destination securely and swiftly.


Bulk SMS to reach your customers at scale

Easily manage and send bulk SMS to hundreds, or thousands, via your preferred channel.
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SMS broadcast scheduling: Optimise your SMS broadcast campaign by scheduling it to be sent at a future date and time.
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Contacts management: Create contact groups to manage your contacts, opt-ins, opt-out lists and more, all in one place.
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Personalisation tools: Customise your SMS broadcast campaign with emojis, Unicode support & more to make your messages stand out.

Enhance your SMS broadcast with our online SMS solution


Embed our powerful Australian SMS API into your existing apps and systems for a streamlined experience.

Bulk SMS

With a single click, connect with large audiences. Make every message count by personalising and scheduling your SMS broadcasts.

Email to SMS

Send SMS directly from your favourite email client. It's secure, reliable, and compatible with major email platforms.

Virtual SMS Number

Give you customers the option to reply to your business text messages. Receive free replies with our virtual SMS number and promote two-way communication with contacts.
Aussie built & 5-star Aussie service
Our dedicated team are here to help. We are 100% committed to providing the very best in unified messaging with good old-fashioned service.

Why choose Notifyre for SMS marketing?

Streamlined Communication

Whether it's promotions or important notifications, our SMS marketing tools such as SMS scheduling and SMS personalisation, ensure your message is both impactful and timely.

Versatile SMS API Gateway

With our SMS gateway, seamless integration has never been easier. Connect your apps, systems, and platforms to send SMS online with ease. Our SMS API offers you the ability to manage and reply to SMS online in the system you use daily.

Broaden Your Reach

Embrace the power of SMS broadcast. Schedule, customise, and send bulk SMS messages, ensuring consistent and effective communication with your target audience. Keep it local with our Australian SMS service or go global and send SMS internationally with Notifyre's all in one SMS platform.
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Create powerful connections to your business.

Customise your SMS communications and provide your audience with a direct line to your business through a virtual mobile number.
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Unlimited free replies: Send & receive SMS without limits. Receive unlimited free SMS replies from customers to your virtual numbe
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Build brand loyalty: Streamline business communications to build trust and provide peace of mind for you customers.

Virtual MMS Number

Order a virtual MMS number for your business and receive unlimited incoming MMS or SMS replies. View or download replies online, or with an API integration to existing software.


Improve SMS engagement with SMS Conversations

Unlock our SMS Conversations tool when you send online text messages with a virtual MMS or SMS number. Set up your online SMS inbox today.
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Instantly reply to customers in Conversations
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Receive SMS replies to email
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Set up auto replies with SMS API or Zapier
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Easily manage read and unread messages online

Flexible Pay-as-you-go Online SMS Pricing

When you're ready to start sending SMS, top up your account funds, set up your SMS message and hit send! It's simple to sign up so get started today.


Limitless SMS sending from the comfort of your inbox.

Easily send and receive SMS text messages directly through your existing email client anywhere, anytime.
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100% compatible: Continue using your most familiar email app or client. Compatible with all the big names including Gmail, Outlook and more.
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Unlimited email senders: Set up as many email senders as you need to send email to SMS from your Notifyre account.
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Rapid deployment: Start sending instantly with no installations or downloads, just a simple sign-up process and you’re ready to go.


Foster trusting relationships.

Give your SMS text messages a personal touch with optional SMS personalisation tokens, SMS sender ID and more.
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Dynamic fields: Have the option to insert your customer’s first name, last name and more via personalisation tokens.
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Emojis & Unicode support: Easily add an emoji (or two 😉) or send an SMS in your customer’s native language.
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Unique sender ID: Insert your business’ name into the SMS sender ID to reinforce trust in your brand.

Programmable SMS API for Developers

Turn manual processes into seamless software experiences.


Build SMS messaging into your apps & software in minutes.

Fast, powerful & reliable SMS API built for business messaging.
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Comprehensive documentation: In-depth API documentation available for developers to start building instantly.
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Libraries & SDKs: Intuitive and simple SDKs for .Net, Node.js and more in our readily available API libraries.


Do more with Notifyre SMS + Zapier integration

Powering automated online SMS workflows. Connect Notifyre’s SMS service to your existing practice management software to: Trigger SMS messages to be sent automatically once an action has been completed in your chosen app Trigger an action to be completed in your chosen app once an SMS message has been received.

Transform your communication strategy with Notifyre's online SMS service

Our dedicated sales and support team based in Australia are ready to help with your digital transition to online SMS.

All your Australian SMS service questions, answered.

There are various methods to send SMS online. You can send via Notifyre's secure online SMS portal, send SMS from email or connect your business systems with SMS API or Zapier for SMS. The first step is to sign up to create your account and then it's your choice on how you send SMS online.
A Notifyre System number is a shared sender number provided to all Notifyre users which allows users to send and SMS through the Notifyre platform without ordering a virtual SMS number. If SMS is sent with this number recipients can reply for up to 48 hours.
A dedicated virtual SMS number provides Notifyre users with the ability to send SMS text messages from a dedicated number and receive SMS replies directly to that number without a time limit. This allows easy 2-way SMS messaging and is easily recognisable by customers and clients alike.
Notifyre has a comprehensive range of online SMS solutions to meet a range of needs. Organisation's can send with our SMS API gateway, from email or using the online SMS platform which can be accessed from any device. SMS broadcast tools make it easy to send bulk messages to contact groups. Users can send SMS from a virtual SMS number to enable 2-way SMS with customers. Whether it's a marketing campaign, important notifications, or secure verifications, Notifyre's online SMS services are tailored to meet every need. Redefine your communication strategy today.
Yes! However, you will need to add each authorised sender individually in Notifyre's online platform and ensure that their email address is verified.
Notifyre users can quickly send an SMS broadcast through Notifyre's SMS service. Simultaneously send thousands of messages to your contacts. To send an SMS broadcast, users must first create a group of contacts by importing a contact list or manually entering contacts to a group.
An SMS Sender ID appears at the top of a text message conversation and is used to identify the sender to the recipient. The SMS sender ID can include numeric, alphanumeric, alphabetical and up to a maximum of 11 characters.
Notifyre users have the option to use a custom SMS Sender ID in place of an SMS system number when sending SMS messages. Once users have signed up a Sender ID can be requested.
Notifyre users have the option to add an SMS opt-out link when sending SMS messages via the Notifyre secure web portal. Notifyre users can also enter in opt out text such as 'Reply STOP to opt out' when composing a SMS message.
If a contact has clicked the Notifyre opt out link then they will be opted of SMS marketing communications, and are automatically added to the "Unsubscribed" list in your contacts. If a contact has opted out of SMS marketing communications but has expressed consent to re-subscribe, this can be done manually through the individual contact via contacts.

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