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Fax solutions for your industry

Discover how organisations are using our online fax service to improve security, compliance and reliability in their fax communications.
Online Fax for Healthcare
Meet industry compliance with a 100% HIPAA compliant online fax service, built for healthcare communications.
Online Fax for Legal
Learn how to dispose of outdated fax machines and manual processes through our online fax services for law firms and legal services.
Fax for Financial Services
Eliminate paper wastage and ensure sensitive financial data is always delivered via a secure, reliable and industry compliant online faxing service.
Online Fax for Transport
Accelerate existing business workflows to improve warehouse operations with Notifyre’s 100% cloud-based online faxing platform.
Online Fax for Government
Reduce operating costs and improve communications across all government departments and agencies with a 100% government accredited and compliant online faxing solution.

Transform your communication strategy with our cloud fax solution

Our dedicated sales and support team based in Australia are ready to help with your digital transition to online fax.