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Block-chain based environment - Coming Soon

Powered by Stirdie
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Powered by Stirdie

Stirdie Online Messaging - Coming Soon

Verified Messaging
A secure, verifiable and encrypted messaging network for users across business or general use.
Secure File Transfer
Provides users with the ability to securely transfer files of any type to any organisation, professional or user connected to the Stirdie Directory.
Encrypted Cloud Storage
An encrypted cloud storage solution allowing all Stirdie users to securely store any digital data sent or received via Stirdie.

What is Stirdie messaging?

Stirdie is an open-source blockchain-based environment, powering a suite of messaging, file transfer and cloud storage products that offer data encryption, auditability and identity verification for transactions made within the Stirdie environment. These messaging products will transform and optimise the way businesses and users communicate and create a new era of trust, transparency and accountability.

Stirdie Environment

The Stirdie environment allows for immutable data exchange through messages, files and documents by entering all transactions into blockchain, safeguarding data through a peer-to-peer verification network. Stirdie’s suite of secure, auditable and verified products will all connect to the Stirdie Environment, with every action performed by a user recorded on blockchain
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Stirdie Directory

The Stirdie Directory is a network of organisations, professionals and users alike that have created a Stirdie account and have received a Stirdie ID. Being connected to the Stirdie Directory provides a verifiable trust mechanism when sending or receiving data through Stirdie’s suite of products due to the mandatory verification process that is required to join the Directory.
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Stirdie Cloud Key Management

Stirdie Cloud Key Management powers Stirdie’s cryptography, adding a layer of security to every transaction made through Stirdie. Both sender and receiver will have two public keys and two private keys that are used to encrypt, decrypt and verify data as and when it is sent through the Stirdie environment.
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Handy Stirdie features

Existing business processes can be streamlined and automated to save time, money and reduce security and compliance risks.
By verifying every action on the blockchain through a peer-to-peer network, organisations have the ability to complete valuable transactions without risk.
All transactions and actions are recorded on blockchain with an immutable audit trail.
Transactions within Stirdie are secured by cryptography, providing an added layer of security, utilizing public and private keys for encryption, decryption and verification.
Identity based blockchain
Built using a ‘proof of identity’ framework on blockchain technology.
Open Source
Connect to the Stirdie environment, providing the opportunity for invention and creation of entirely new processes to assist business workflows in tailored and customised ways.

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