Enterprise security features for online fax and SMS

Notifyre’s online fax, online SMS and secure messaging solutions are built to meet the highest standard of information security.
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Enterprise security features

Notifyre provides enterprise-level security for online fax and SMS. Our secure fax app and SMS platform ensures data safety through robust encryption, compliance adherence, multi-factor authentication, continuous monitoring, incident response plans, and secure development practices. All businesses benefit from a comprehensive suite of in-product security features, infrastructure security and commitment to regulatory compliance and industry best-practice.

Security Questionnaires

Request a comprehensive security questionnaire to assess our commitment to safeguarding your business data and communications.

Our Security First Approach:

Reporting and Auditing

All fax & SMS messages are stored on the cloud via AES 256bit encryption with lifetime storage, providing comprehensive downloadable reports and message history to align with security and compliance across industry standards.

Credit Card Security

Credit card payments are securely processed via Stripe. Stripe is PCI- certified and SOC 1 and SOC2 compliant. Card data is handled securely using HTTPS and HSTS connections.

Access Management

Sub users

Optional sub user (Team) feature to manage access through role assignment and permission control.
Authorised email senders
Account admins can grant access to email senders for fax or SMS across their organisation. This ensures only approved emails can send messages using a Notifyre account.

API tokens

Generate API tokens for secure connection to our SMS and Fax API Gateway.


Data encryption

Data is AES 256-bit encrypted at rest and in transit.

Email encryption

TLS v1.2 encryption is enabled by default on emails sent or received.

Website & application encryption

HTTPS encrypted by SSL/TLS.

Back Up and Redundancy

Multi-redundancy infrastructure

Notifyre is hosted on AWS cloud with regionalised servers for load balancing. This ensures high availability and outstanding system performance.

Other AWS inclusions

AWS managed global database cluster, AWS web application firewall, AWS Cognito managed userpool, AWS managed autoscaled container services.

Data back up

Point-in-time restoration is available. Full application and data backups are performed daily.

Other Security Features

Strong password requirement

8 characters long, one lower case letter, one capital letter, one number, special character.

Automatic log out

Automatic log out occurs after 24 hours of inactivity.

2 factor authentication

Optional setting which can be activated on a per-user profile basis.

Auto delete on fax data

Configure settings to enable Auto Delete for ‘Fax Receive’ and/or Auto Delete for ‘Fax Send’.

Monitoring and Risk Management

Penetration testing

Quarterly external penetrating tests are performed to continuously identify vulnerabilities and emerging threats.

Vulnerability and security monitoring

A continuous approach to vulnerability management with daily scans performed across Notifyre applications.

Where enterprise-grade security meets seamless functionality.

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Data Privacy Compliance

Our secure online fax and SMS service has multiple layers of physical and cloud security measures to safeguard your data and accounts, ensuring strict compliance with data privacy regulations.

HIPAA Compliance

Notifyre is also HIPAA compliant across our organisation and application. Explore our HIPAA compliant fax service, offering secure, encrypted HIPAA compliant fax transmission through our online portal, email, API and more.

ISO 27001 Certification

We adhere to the highest standards in information security management. Notifyre is ISO 27001:2013 certified with stringent policies, procedures, and security controls in place across our organisation and our secure cloud fax and SMS service.

Australian Privacy Laws

Our SMS and fax service is compliant with Australian privacy laws, ensuring your business data stays secure. Notifyre’s secure messaging tools keeps your online fax secure and SMS data protected at all times.

Secure API Gateway

Notifyre’s API’s are secure and follow best practices for authentication and data protection. Security measures include:
Enforced HTTPS (SSL)
Authorisation tokens
Webhook signatures
Replay attack mitigation
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Secure, Compliant, Connected.

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Notifyre’s Commitment

Ensuring the utmost priority for information security and privacy is integral to every aspect of our organisation. Notifyre adopts a comprehensive strategy encompassing our people, policies, and technology to uphold information security. This commitment extends to the development, support, and implementation of our solutions, with a focus on incorporating the highest standards and processes throughout Notifyre. We are dedicated to addressing risk management, cyber-resilience, and operational excellence.