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Programmable SMS API

Integrate Notifyre’s REST API into your existing text messaging workflows to download, send, receive & retrieve SMS data in minutes.

Simple & powerful SMS API

Seamlessly add SMS text messaging into your existing systems and apps using the Notifyre SMS API.
Access our comprehensive REST API documentation and code samples.

SDKs available in .NET and NodeJS for a streamlined development experience.

Sample code in .NET, Node.JS, PHP and cUrl.
Webhooks available providing two way integration with your systems.

Get started with our SMS API GitHub repositories

Notifyre .Net SMS API

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Notifyre Node.js SMS API

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Fast track your development with our SMS API guides

With just a few lines of code, your Node.js package or .Net application can send SMS messages with Notifyre’s SMS API gateway or retrieve a list of SMS replies.

How to send an SMS in Node.js 

Looking for a Twilio® SMS alternative?

We've made it easy to make the switch! Get started with minimal changes to your existing Twilio SMS API code.

Empower your business with Notifyre's SMS Message API

Swift and secure SMS communication is vital for all businesses. With Notifyre's comprehensive SMS API solution, access the following API calls:
Send SMS
Retrieve SMS replies
Retrieve SMS delivery status
Manage SMS opt-outs
Query SMS sent
Create, update and delete contacts/groups

Secure & compliant messaging

Discover the SMS gateway API with business-grade security and compliance measures.
99.99% server uptime provides businesses with outstanding reliability.
ISO 27001 certified, HIPAA compliant and BAAs available.
Ensure the highest security in your online message delivery with API connections secured with 256-bit encryption.
Webhooks can be verified with HMAC signatures.
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Why choose Notifyre’s text message API?

Discover efficiency with Notifyre’s SMS API, crafted meticulously to integrate with your business applications and workflows. Powering businesses globally, our programmable SMS API offers seamless capabilities that are essential for a fast-paced digital world.

Universal Integration

Whether it's enterprise software, a mobile app, or a CRM tool, seamlessly integrate Notifyre's text message API into any platform and instantly communicate with customers.

Automated SMS

From real-time notifications to 2FA verification codes, our SMS messaging API ensures that your messages reach the intended recipients without delay.  


Broadcast text messages with API, send to thousands of SMS contacts at once and schedule your message for the best reach.

In addition to the Notifyre SMS API, these solutions are available for your business text messaging:

Bulk SMS

Launch targeted mass SMS campaigns or send bulk SMS appointment reminders with ease using Notifyre mass contact upload tools, SMS contact lists management and scheduling features.

Virtual SMS Number

Order a dedicated virtual mobile number for consistent and verified brand identity.

SMS Personalisation

Send personalised SMS messages with merge tags to populate customer data increased click through rate and conversion.

Email to SMS

Send SMS from email alongside your SMS API for maximum flexibility. Compatible with any email client.

2-way SMS

Connect through 2 way SMS conversations using our SMS API service or take advantage of the online SMS inbox.


Yes, all SMS sending and receiving capabilities are available with PHP through the Notifyre SMS API. View the API documentation and switch programming language of the examples by clicking on the language drop-down menu above each code sample.
Notifyre’s SMS API documentation as well as our SDKs are currently available in .NET and Node.js languages.
An SMS API is an application programming interface that allows one platform or software to talk to another. In this case, the SMS API is built to allow businesses to integrate SMS messaging with existing software platforms using Notifyre’s SMS API. If you are using a specific platform, an SMS API will let you send and/or receive SMS directly via that platform, rather than having to switch to a different platform or software.

There is no cost to set up an account and access the Notifyre SMS API, however to start sending SMS or receive SMS you will need to purchase funds and add a virtual SMS number plan to suit your business. Explore pricing here. Wallet Funds do not expire!

Create a Notifyre account and generate an API token via the Developer settings. Then order an SMS number under Settings, Number or use the shared system number. Once you have these you can start building with Notifyre’s API.
Yes! We currently have SDKs available in .NET and Node.js languages. Our client libraries can be found on Github and accessed via our Help Centre.
A SMS gateway gives businesses the option to send bulk SMS instantly from their systems. When sending SMS with applications organisations can reduce the manual effort of sending Person-to-Person messages and automatically send personalised SMS to individuals with the click of a button. Developers can use Notifyre's SMS gateway to connect our online SMS service for easy SMS management.
Notifyre offers developers the ability to integrate SMS capabilities into software and applications used by their organisation. This enables users to manage online SMS in a system they are familiar with and streamline communication.
Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging is when messages are sent to a person using a system. Messages sent using Notifyre are considered A2P messages.