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Send SMS messages from your email inbox with great value per SMS pricing and no lock-in contracts.
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Learn how to send SMS from email with Notifyre.

Easily send SMS via your existing email from your computer, mobile or tablet.
Compatibility: Send an SMS via almost any email application, including Gmail™, Outlook™, Yahoo!® and more.
Get started in minutes: With no software or hardware installations required, it’s quick and easy to get started.
Compose & send: Create a new email, type your SMS in the email body and enter the recipient’s mobile number followed by @{accountid}.sms.notifyre.com in the To field.
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How to send an email to SMS in 4 easy steps

1. Sign up and add funds to your account.
2. Authorise email senders in your account Settings.
3. Create a new email and add the mobile number in the 'To' field in this format: {smsnumber}@{accountid} .sms.notifyre.com.
4. Enter your SMS in the email body and click send to deliver the email as an SMS.

Manage your organisation’s email senders.

Have complete control over who has access to sending and receiving email to SMS.
Authorised email senders: Add as many authorised senders as you’d like and remove them, when required, with ease.
User access & permissions: Add employees to your business Notifyre account and provide them with select permissions as needed.
Email sender verification: A required email verification for email to SMS senders improves the security of your SMS communications.
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Receive SMS replies as emails.

Get free SMS replies for up to 48 hours via a Notifyre system number, or add a virtual mobile number to your account to receive free unlimited SMS replies.
Simple setup: Choose to receive your incoming text message replies directly to your email inbox as required.
View, action & reply: Reply to your received text messages the same way you’d send a new one through email.
Encryption & storage: All received text messages are stored securely on the cloud, so you can access them from your email account or through the Notifyre dashboard as needed.
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Flexible Pay-as-you-go Online SMS Pricing

When you're ready to start sending SMS from email, top up your account funds, authorise your email senders in settings, create your email and hit send!

Explore all our online SMS service features.

Bulk SMS

SMS broadcasting at your fingertips with simple upload tools, SMS contact lists and scheduling features.


Integrate SMS into existing business processes to enhance communication, reduce manual processes and auto key business workflows.

Virtual SMS Number

Order a dedicated virtual mobile number for consistent and verified brand identity.

SMS Personalisation

Send personalised SMS messages for increased click through rates, conversions and reducing SMS unsubscribers.

2-Way SMS

Send and receive SMS messages, track, and manage SMS replies.

Transform your communication strategy with Notifyre's online SMS service

Our dedicated sales and support team based in Australia are ready to help with your digital transition to online SMS.

All your Email to SMS questions, answered.

Yes! However, you will need to add each authorised sender individually and ensure that their email address is verified. At present, we do not currently offer a domain/wildcard service.
As many as you like! You can have unlimited email addresses (authorised senders) to send SMS via email on your account. You will however need to verify the email address.
You will first need to remove any email signature or disclaimer when sending an email to SMS to avoid extra charges for unnecessary SMS characters.
Character limits and message parts apply when sending an SMS through Notifyre. It is important to be aware of message characters as this can affect your total message cost. The maximum character limit for a single SMS text message is 160 characters or 1 message part. However, Notifyre does not restrict its users from sending an SMS text message that is longer than 160 characters (unless Character Limit is toggled ON under SMS Settings). If a longer message (multi-part message) is sent, each message has a maximum of 153 characters due to seven characters being needed to facilitate re-joining of the message on delivery. For longer messages sent, the SMS is split into two or more messages that may be reassembled on delivery, so they are a single message (or, on some handsets, may be delivered as a series of separate SMS). If you send an SMS text message that contains more than 160 characters or 1 Message Parts, every 153 characters or part thereof will be charged as an additional SMS message. For example, if a SMS text message is sent with 300 characters, the SMS will contain 2 Message Parts and therefore the second Message Part will be charged as an additional SMS text message.

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