Build faxing into your apps & software with our online fax API.

Integrate and automate fax into your existing business workflows or software to improve data security, flow and efficiency.
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Simple & scalable fax API integration

Seamlessly integrate fax into your existing software and applications. Customise and automate Notifyre's HIPAA compliant fax API for fast and reliable delivery of documents. 

Access our comprehensive REST API documentation and scale your messaging, fast!

SDKs available in .NET and Node.js for a streamlined development experience.

Sample code in .NET, Node.js, php and cUrl.
Webhooks available providing two way integration with your systems.

Get started with our Fax API GitHub repositories

Notifyre .Net Fax API

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Notifyre Node.js Fax API

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Fast track your development with our fax API guides

With just a few lines of code, your Node.js package or .Net application can send faxes with Notifyre’s online fax API or retrieve incoming faxes.

Fax API calls for swift and secure faxing

Get started with Notifyre's fax API service using the following API calls and more:
Send fax
List sent faxes
List received faxes
Retrieve receive fax
List fax cover pages

Backed by secure, compliant & reliable messaging infrastructure

Experience peace of mind with Notifyre's secure web fax API , delivering 100% HIPAA compliant faxing.
99.99% server uptime provides businesses with outstanding reliability.
ISO 27001 certified, HIPAA compliant and BAAs available.
Ensure the highest security in your online message delivery with API connections secured with 256-bit encryption.
Webhooks can be verified with HMAC signatures.
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Why Choose Notifyre’s Cloud Fax API?

Give your team the convenience of seamless faxing by integrating the power of fax API into your applications and software. Notifyre's fax API service blends with your existing infrastructure, ensuring a smooth transition to enhanced document management. 

Automated Faxing

Bypass manual methods and let our faxing API handle the heavy lifting. From sending to receiving, automate every step for maximum operational efficiency.

Compliant Fax Workflows

Incorporate fax capabilities directly into your software. Whether you're in healthcare or finance, our HIPAA compliant fax API ensures data consistency and security.

Unified Communication Management

Handle contacts, manage your online fax numbers, fax coversheets and more, all through our intuitive fax API. 

Don't let outdated methods slow you down. Let Notifyre’s fax API propel your business forward with streamlined, secure, and efficient fax communication. Read more on why your business needs a fax API service

Advanced programmable fax API

With safety measures, encryption, and HIPAA fax API compliance your business faxes are always in safe hands when using Notifyre's cloud fax API.

How to use our fax API service in 3 easy steps

1. Create a secure fax API key

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Login to your Notifyre account and create an API key.

2. Order an API fax number and select a receive fax plan

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Notifyre offers fax number porting and a range of great value fax receive plans which include a fax number. 

3. Connect your existing software

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Connect your existing software to Notifyre via our fax API documentation, fax SDKs or using the Quick Start Guides.

All your fax API questions, answered.

To gain access to Notifyre’s fax API gateway, developers must first create a new API token. An API token provides developers with the ability to integrate Notifyre’s online fax service functionality with existing systems.
Yes! You can setup a webhook to receive real-time fax notifications from Notifyre via your third party application/s.
Notifyre’s fax API documentation as well as our SDKs are currently available in .NET and Node.js languages.
Yes, if you need to revoke an API token for any reason, it can be deleted in the developer settings in your Notifyre account.
Yes! We currently have fax SDKs available in .NET and Node.js languages.
Yes, Notifyre's fax API can be programmed using the .Net SDK. With the Notifyre .Net SDK, you are able to use the C# programming language to handle sending and receiving faxes.
Yes, Notifyre’s fax API can be programmed using php. With php, sending and receiving fax capabilities are available with the fax API. View the API documentation and switch programming language of the examples by clicking on the language drop-down menu above each code sample.

Explore all our online fax service features.

Fax Number Porting

Keep your existing fax number and transfer it to Notifyre. Great value plans available.

Email to Fax

Send and receive faxes via your existing email from your computer, mobile or tablet.

Fax File Types

A range of file types are supported on Notifyre to send required documents as a fax.

Account Management

Customisable and comprehensive features to support businesses online faxing needs.