Turn your email account into an online fax machine.

Use the channel you’re most familiar with and turn your emails into faxes.

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Seamless faxing from your
email account.

Easily send and receive faxes via your existing email account, using your favorite email app.

Compatibility: Email to fax is compatible with all major email clients, including Gmail™, Outlook™, Yahoo!® and more.
Get started in minutes: With no software or hardware installations required, it’s quick and easy to get started with email to fax.

Compose an email, send a fax: Simply compose an email, attach your fax document and enter the recipient’s fax number to send an email to fax.

Email a fax from your email client with Notifyre
Receive faxes in your email inbox with Notifyre

Have fax replies land straight in your inbox.

Easily manage all your fax sending and receiving without ever leaving your inbox.

Receive incoming faxes to email:A copy of any received faxes to any fax number housed on Notifyre can be sent to you by email and downloaded as an attachment.
Encrypted fax receive: All faxes received to email are encrypted to give you peace of mind when receiving sensitive information via fax.

Email notifications: When receiving fax to email, Notifyre will notify you of any incoming faxes so you can easily stay on top of your business communications.

How to send an email to fax in 3 easy steps

Sign in to your Notifyre account and select quick fax


Compose a new message in your desired email client

Enter the group of contacts you wish to send the fax broadcast to


Enter the recipient’s fax number in the ‘to’ field in the following format: {{faxnumber}}@{{accountnumber}}.fax.notifyre.com

Attach your fax document and hit send!


Send your email and we’ll ensure the email is encrypted and delivered to the recipient as a secure fax

Stay compliant, no matter
how you send.

Ensure your critical communications remain protected when you send and receive email to fax.

Email encryption: Faxes sent or received via email using Notifyre are encrypted using TLS.
ISO 27001 certified: Stringent policies, procedures and security controls implemented to adhere to ISO 27001:2013 for Information Security Management.

HIPAA compliant: HIPAA-compliant online fax service. Ensure the highest security and data protection when storing and transmitting sensitive patient data with Notifyre.

Notifyre ensures faxes are sent and received securely via email


It doesn’t get any better than this.

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Explore all our fax features.

Fax number porting

Port your fax number to Notifyre & start receiving your faxes online.

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Fax broadcast

Upload your fax numbers & send a fax broadcast in minutes.

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Fast, powerful & reliable fax API for business.

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Implementing an online fax solution in your medical practice

Implementing an online fax solution in your medical practice

Learn about why your medical practice needs to make the switch to an online fax solution to improve communication, efficiency & patient satisfaction.

It’s time to modernise faxing in the healthcare industry

It’s time to modernise faxing in the healthcare industry

Stop using the fax machine and start using Notifyre. It’s time for you to get ahead of the curve and move your fax communications online.

All your email to fax questions, answered.

Yes, however, we do not currently offer a domain/wildcard service. You will need to add each authorised sender individually and ensure that their email address is verified. See: authorised senders.

Yes! You can send a fax using your Gmail™ account. See: email to fax.

Yes! You will need to attach the cover page as a separate document when sending email to fax. Be sure to attach the cover page as the first document. Notifyre will convert and send the fax documents in order of attachment.  See: fax cover pages.

As many as you’d like! You can have an unlimited number of email to fax senders (authorised senders) on your account, as long as the email address is verified. See: how to add an authorised sender for email to fax.

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