10DLC Registration for SMS Campaigns

Register your Brands and SMS Campaigns with Notifyre to start sending and receiving SMS in the United States.
Comply with A2P messaging regulations in the United States
To send application to person (A2P) messages in the US, organisations must register their Brand and SMS Campaign with The Campaign Registry (TCR). Registration protects consumers from spam and fraud and improves message speed and SMS deliverability for businesses.
Build confidence and trust with your customers
As an approved Campaign Service Provider (CSP), Notifyre registers your Brand, Campaign and 10DLC number with The Campaign Registry on your behalf.
Cut through the spam: All potential spam and scam texts will not be approved by the TCR, providing you with more leverage in your SMS campaigns.
Increase trust: With your text message campaigns approved by the TCR, you let your customers know they can trust your brand and the messages they receive.
Get started with sending SMS in 4 steps
1. Register your Brand
You must register your company details with Notifyre to send 10DLC messages.
2. Register your Campaign
Once your Brand is approved you can Register your SMS Campaign.
3. Order a SMS number
Once your Campaign has been approved you can order a 10DLC SMS number. When you order your number you can choose the area code and link it to your campaign.
4. Start Sending SMS
Once your 10DLC number is activated you will be able to start sending SMS in the United States.
Who is The Campaign Registry?
The Campaign Registry completes company identification checks and reviews SMS Campaign data to provide transparency to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in the United States. This process is required when businesses or organisations send SMS messages using 10DLC numbers. The verification process aims to reduce spam and fraud SMS messages for message receivers.
Registering your Brand
After signing up you will need to register your Brand before sending SMS. You will need to provide the following company information:
Brand name - Enter the name of the brand you are registering
Company information - Includes company name, ABN, country of registration, address, entity and industry type
Contact details - These will be provided to The Campaign Registry
Registering your SMS Campaign
When registering your Campaign you must provide details about the SMS messages you plan to send and how you have gathered consent, along with opt-in and opt-out sample messages.
Select a SMS use case
Provide a description of your campaign
Add one or two sample SMS messages
Enter details on dynamic content if you plan on using merge fields
Enter your SMS opt-in process details
Let us help you!
Our team can help you navigate through this set up and provide one-on-one support to get your account ready for sending SMS messages.
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All your 10DLC Campaign questions, answered.
A 10 Digit Long Code (10DLC) number enables a business to send Application-to-Person (A2P) SMS messages in the United States. Using a 10DLC increases message reliability, security, and throughput due to The Campaign Registry validation process.
MNOs are Mobile Network Operators in the United States such as AT&T and T-Mobile. These mobile carriers provide cellular phone services to the general public and organisations.
10DLC Campaign use cases summarise the purpose of sending the SMS and indicates the type of content your SMS will contain.
Yes, it is industry mandated that message senders reply to START, STOP and HELP messages received from customers for 10DLC Campaigns.
Character limits and message parts apply when sending an SMS through Notifyre. It is important to be aware of message characters as this can affect your total message cost. The maximum character limit for a single SMS text message is 160 characters or 1 message part. However, Notifyre does not restrict its users from sending an SMS text message that is longer than 160 characters (unless Character Limit is toggled ON under SMS Settings). If a longer message (multi-part message) is sent, each message has a maximum of 153 characters due to seven characters being needed to facilitate re-joining of the message on delivery. For longer messages sent, the SMS is split into two or more messages that may be reassembled on delivery, so they are a single message (or, on some handsets, may be delivered as a series of separate SMS). If you send an SMS text message that contains more than 160 characters or 1 Message Parts, every 153 characters or part thereof will be charged as an additional SMS message. For example, if a SMS text message is sent with 300 characters, the SMS will contain 2 Message Parts and therefore the second Message Part will be charged as an additional SMS text message.
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