10DLC Text Messaging in 2024: Your Guide To Navigating A2P Texting For Business

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TL;DR: 10DLC numbers offer an affordable option for business text messaging in the US. Notifyre provides dedicated A2P 10DLC numbers for application to person texting online with brand and campaign registration services via The Campaign Registry for 10DLC compliance. 

A2P, 10DLC, Long Codes, Short Codes, TCR compliance... There is a lot to navigate in 2024 when looking to send text messages online for your business and remain compliant.  

Notifyre’s Guide To Navigating A2P Texting For Business, aims to support organizations navigate Application To Person (A2P) text messaging using sanctioned 10DLC numbers.

Effective and efficient communication is key, and SMS is a highly valuable business tool for SMS marketing or SMS broadcasting, but the complexities of text messaging compliance in the US can be daunting.  

Our experienced team has helped organizations of all sizes master SMS communication using 10DLC, quickly and efficiently. We’re here to simplify the process, ensuring you can send compliant text messages with confidence. By the end of this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to enhance your organization's communication seamlessly. 

What are 10DLC Numbers?

Notifyre provides businesses with a unique 10-digit phone number through 10DLC (10-Digit Long Code), designed for high-volume business messaging. This dedicated virtual phone number ensures reliable and compliant communication with your customers via online SMS. Notifyre's 10DLC registration service offers efficient and compliant message delivery with mobile carriers, making it an ideal solution for your business messaging needs.


What is A2P Messaging?

A2P (Application-to-Person) messaging refers to messages sent from an application to an individual. 

When you send text messages using an online SMS service your message will be sent from an application to your contacts. A2P 10DLC messaging gives you the ability to manage SMS communication online using an SMS platform, send and receive SMS from email or connect SMS to your business systems with a programmable SMS API


What is 10DLC registration?

In 2020, the US government recognized the need for a governing body to audit and manage A2P messages to reduce spam and fraud, leading to the establishment of The Campaign Registry (TCR). 10DLC registration is required by TCR for businesses sending A2P messages. TCR oversees the registration and vetting of messaging campaigns to ensure they meet industry standards and carrier requirements.  

Following TCR's establishment, text message providers began supporting their customers with the transition to the new 10DLC registration process. TCR does not offer a direct way to register a 10DLC, organizations must register through an official text message provider like Notifyre. Unlike many SMS providers, Notifyre customers receive one-on-one support to get set up for sending A2P messages.  

There are several approval stages throughout the registration process, so it’s important to understand what information to provide at each step to avoid delays with your 10DLC registration.  


How much does 10DLC registration cost?

There are additional costs associated with registering your Brand and Campaigns. Whilst they are relatively lost costs, it is important that businesses understand and explore once-off and ongoing costs associated with 10DLC messaging.  

Online SMS services charge different amounts for 10DLC registration. Notifyre offers affordable 10DLC registration pricing. Generally, these are the four main costs for 10DLC messaging:

  1. 10DLC Virtual number cost: You need at least one number to send SMS messages. 10DLC numbers are low-cost and are charged monthly as part of your SMS service subscription.  
  2. 10DLC Brand registration cost: When you register your business with a SMS provider you will be charged a one-time fee for each business brand you register.  
  3. 10DLC Campaign registration costs: Campaign registration costs depend on your business use case/type, the registration fee is a monthly cost and there is a once-off application fee per Campaign . Businesses are charged for the first 3 months in advance, then billed monthly for each campaign registered.
  4. SMS wallet funds: Top up your account with funds to  to send SMS messages online. To send SMS online there are no monthly commitments, simply add funds to your online account as needed.  


Steps to complete the 10DLC registration process


  1. Sign up with an online SMS service. Register an account with Notifyre.  
  2. Fill out the online form to register your Brand. You will need to provide your business details such as business EIN, see required information.  
  3. Wait for Brand approval. This generally takes less than 1 business day.  
  4. Fill out the Campaign registration form. You will need to provide details on the specific types of messages you intend to send, including sample messages. Follow this guide to complete this step as missing information can lead to delays in campaign approval.  
  5. Wait for Campaign approval. This generally takes 3-4 business days. If additional information is required, our Support Team will contact you promptly.  
  6. Order your 10DLC number and link to an approved campaign.  

Once your 10DLC is successfully registered using Notifyre, this dedicated virtual phone number ensures reliable, faster delivery and compliant communication with your customers via online SMS. Notifyre's 10DLC registration service offers efficient and compliant message delivery with mobile carriers, making it an ideal solution for your business messaging needs.


Do I have to register for A2P 10DLC text messaging?

Yes, registration should be completed before sending SMS message online.  This registration process enhances transparency and maintains high standards for Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging, ensuring that all messages sent via 10DLC are legitimate and compliant with regulations.  

6 Reasons to register your 10DLC Number

  1. Compliance: TCR ensures that all registered campaigns adhere to carrier and industry compliance standards, reducing the risk of message filtering and blocking.  
  2. Transparency: By registering campaigns, businesses provide carriers with detailed information about their messaging use cases, promoting transparency and accountability.
  3. Improved Deliverability: Registered campaigns are less likely to be flagged as spam, resulting in higher deliverability rates for messages.  
  4. Trust: Registration builds trust with mobile carriers and recipients, showcasing a commitment to best practices and regulatory requirements.
  5. Cost-Effective: More affordable than short codes, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes.
  6. Recognition: A consistent phone number builds trust and recognition with customers. 

Notifyre works with the TCR to get your approved campaigns to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). MNOs such as AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile are responsible for sending messages and utilize advanced spam detection technology to block unwanted and unsolicited messages. Staying compliant with MNO requirements is crucial to ensure your messages reach their intended recipients without being filtered out. 

Why your business should use Notifyre’s 10DLC service

  • Streamlined 10DLC Registration: Notifyre simplifies A2P 10DLC registration for your business sending use case.
  • Free Porting: Order a new 10DLC or port a local 10DLC virtual number to Notifyre.
  • Mass Text Messaging: Send 1000s of personalized SMS messages, use scheduling tools and upload contacts using a CSV file.  
  • Integration Tools: Seamlessly integrate Notifyre with your existing systems via API Gateway or Zapier.  
  • Flexible Funds: Your account funds never expire, and optional auto-top-up ensures uninterrupted bulk sending.
  • Conversations Tool: Easily respond to customer replies in your SMS inbox.
  • Email Integration: Send and receive unlimited SMS messages via your email.
  • Unlimited Users: Add unlimited account users and customize their permissions.
  • Enterprise security:  ISO 27001 certified, HIPAA compliant and advanced security features.


Notifyre offers direct registration with TCR through our online SMS platform. Our 5-star support team has helped thousands of customers through the registration process and offers one-on-one support. Contact Notifyre today for help getting started with 10DLC. 

Types of 10DLC use cases for business text messaging

2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) Enhance your security with Notifyre’s 10DLC for authentication, verification, or one-time passcode messages. 
Account NotificationsSend standard notifications to account holders, keeping them updated on their account status using Notifyre’s reliable 10DLC service. 
Customer CareImprove customer interactions with Notifyre’s 2-way 10DLC for account management and customer support inquiries. 
Delivery Notifications Keep your customers informed about the status of their product or service deliveries with Notifyre’s 10DLC. 
Fraud Alert MessagingProtect your users by sending alerts about potential fraudulent activity on their accounts through Notifyre’s secure 10DLC. 
Higher EducationUse Notifyre’s 10DLC to send messages on behalf of colleges, universities, school districts, and other educational institutions (not for "free to the consumer" messaging).
Low Volume Mixed MessagingFor brands with multiple use cases and low messaging needs, Notifyre’s 10DLC is ideal for small businesses or test/demo accounts. 
Marketing CampaignsDrive engagement with marketing and promotional content using Notifyre’s 10DLC, ensuring high deliverability and compliance.
Polling and VotingConduct surveys and polling/voting campaigns for non-political purposes using Notifyre’s 10DLC.
Public Service AnnouncementsRaise awareness about important issues within the community with Notifyre’s 10DLC for informational messaging.
Security AlertsNotifyre’s 10DLC allows you to send alerts about potential security compromises, prompting necessary actions to safeguard your system. 

Comparing Virtual Phone Number Options: 10DLC vs. Alternatives

Key Differences 

10DLC vs. Toll-Free Long Codes  

10DLC uses local 10-digit numbers, ideal for local and personalized messaging, while toll-free long codes use toll-free numbers for nationwide reach. 

10DLC vs. Short Codes 

10DLC offers local 10-digit numbers for high-volume messaging, whereas short codes use 5-6 digit numbers for very high-volume messaging but are more expensive and have longer setup times.


Why Choose 10DLC

Local Presence: 10DLC numbers appear as local, increasing the likelihood of customer engagement. This is particularly useful for businesses targeting specific regions or communities.

Higher Engagement: Messages from local numbers tend to have higher open and response rates compared to those from toll-free numbers.

Cost-Effective: 10DLC is generally more affordable for regional or local campaigns, avoiding the higher costs associated with nationwide toll-free numbers.

High Deliverability: Registered 10DLC numbers have better deliverability rates, ensuring messages are less likely to be marked as spam.

Compliance: Ensures adherence to carrier and industry regulations, helping businesses avoid fines and ensuring consistent message delivery. 



Frequently Asked Questions about 10DLC Registration

Do I have to register my brand if I'm only doing certain activities?

Yes, brand registration is mandatory for all businesses, regardless of the scope of their messaging activities, to comply with 10DLC regulations.

What if I'm receiving messages only, and not sending?

Even if you are only receiving messages, brand registration is required to ensure compliance with carrier requirements.

What if I'm only sending messages to myself?

Brand and campaign registration are still necessary to maintain compliance and prevent potential filtering or blocking by carriers.     

What if I don't have an EIN or tax-ID?

You will need to provide alternative identification and documentation to complete the registration process. Contact Notifyre for guidance.

What are the risks of sending messages without registering a campaign?

Sending messages without registering your campaign can result in messages being filtered, blocked, or your number being blacklisted, severely impacting your communication efforts.

When can I start sending messages? What's the time frame for 10DLC registration?

The registration process can take a few days to complete. Once your brand and campaign are approved, you can start sending messages. Notifyre will guide you through the process to ensure quick and smooth registration.

Why do you allow the purchase of a number and start sending before 10DLC registration?

Purchasing numbers is independent of regulatory requirements for sending messages. While you can buy a number and start using it initially, compliance with 10DLC regulations is essential for continued and high-volume messaging. Notifyre provides the necessary tools and support to complete the registration process efficiently.   

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