Transform Your Business Messaging: Send & Receive Online SMS

SMS messages have a 98% open rate, with 95% of them read within the first 90 seconds. Notifyre offers a state-of-the-art platform for all your online SMS needs, ensuring every message reaches its destination securely and swiftly. 

  • Elevate customer experiences: boost engagement and conversions with personalized, 2-way texting.
  • Reach a wide audience: send high-volume, customizable mass SMS messages with Notifyre's 10DLC numbers.
  • Pay-as-you-go flexibility: No lock-in contracts and scale your messaging as your business grows.
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Get started with a virtual SMS number

While waiting for 10DLC approval, you can still set up your contact lists and start testing SMS via the Notifyre web portal.


Simple online SMS number registration

Improve message sending speeds and SMS delivery with 10DLC number registration. Increase throughput with mobile network operators and ensure your message gets delivered every time!
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Harness the power of online SMS with Notifyre's feature-rich platform

Seamless Platform Integration

With our SMS gateway, seamless integration has never been easier. Connect your apps, systems, and platforms to send SMS online with ease. Our SMS API and Zapier integration offer you the ability to manage and reply to SMS online in the system you use daily.

Increase Customer Engagement

Embrace the benefits of SMS broadcasting with a high-volume 10DLC number. Schedule, customize, and send mass SMS messages, ensuring consistent and effective communication with your target audience. 

Highly Reliable, Secure Messaging
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Notifyre's online SMS features enterprise-grade security to protect your business communications. Our platform ensures data privacy through robust encryption, HIPAA compliance and ISO 27001 certification.

Trusted by organizations around the world
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Start now to explore the full capabilities of our online SMS service.

Whether it's a marketing campaign, important notifications, or 2FA verification, Notifyre's online SMS services are tailored to meet every need. Redefine your communication strategy today.


Reach your customers at scale.

Easily manage and send mass SMS to thousands of contacts at once.

Automate SMS messaging: Optimize your SMS broadcast campaign by scheduling it to be sent at a future date and time.

Contacts management: Create contact groups to manage your contacts, opt-ins, opt-out lists and more, all in one place.

Personalization tools: Customize your SMS broadcast campaign with emojis, Unicode support & more to make your messages stand out.

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Create powerful connections to your business.

Customize your SMS communications and enable 2-way SMS with your virtual phone number.

Unlimited free replies: Send & receive SMS without limits. Receive unlimited SMS replies from customers to your virtual SMS number.

Build brand loyalty: Streamline business communications to build trust and provide peace of mind for you customers.


Increase engagement with customized communication.

Give your SMS text messages a personal touch with optional SMS personalization tokens and more.

Dynamic fields: Have the option to insert your customer’s first name, last name and more via personalization tokens.

Emojis & Unicode support: Easily add an emoji (or two 😉) or send an SMS in your customer’s native language.

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Power up your email inbox.

Easily send and receive SMS text messages directly through your existing email client anywhere, anytime.

100% compatible: Continue using your most familiar email app or client. Compatible with all the big names including Gmail, Outlook and more.

Unlimited email senders: Set up as many email senders as you need to send email to SMS from your Notifyre account.

Simple deployment: Start sending with no installations or downloads.

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Programmable SMS API for Developers

Turn manual processes into seamless software experiences.

Integrate 2-way SMS with your business.

Fast, powerful & reliable SMS API built for business messaging. Build SMS messaging into your apps & software in minutes.

Comprehensive documentation: In-depth API documentation available for developers to start building instantly.

Libraries & SDKs: Intuitive and simple SDKs for .Net, Node.js and more in our readily available API libraries.

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All your online SMS questions, answered.

To start simply order a number and add funds to your account. To send high-volume SMS Notifyre users are required to register a brand and campaign in the Notifyre portal. Once approved users can assign a virtual SMS number to their campaign.
Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging is when messages are sent to a person using a system. Messages sent using Notifyre are considered A2P messages.
When sending mass SMS messages you can improve the speed and delivery rate of messages when you register your 10DLC number. Notifyre send your registration information to The Campaign Registry who completes company identification checks and reviews SMS Campaign data to provide transparency to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in the United States.
The Campaign Registry completes company identification checks and reviews SMS Campaign data to provide transparency to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) within the United States. This process is required when businesses or organizations send high volume SMS messages using 10DLC numbers.
You can order a virtual mobile number with Notifyre. Simply sign up and click on Numbers in your settings. Choose from a wide range of 10DLC numbers. Local numbers can be selected for your area by searching for your State and City.
Notifyre has a comprehensive range of online SMS solutions to meet a range of needs. Organization's can send with our SMS API gateway, from email or using the online SMS platform which can be accessed from any device. SMS broadcast tools make it easy to send bulk messages to contact groups. Users can send SMS from a virtual SMS number to enable 2-way SMS with customers.
Yes, when you sign up to an online SMS service you can send and receive messages. You will need to order a number with Notifyre first and top up your account with funds to receive SMS messages online.
Two-way SMS messaging occurs between businesses who provide SMS customer service, send SMS surveys or send out SMS appointment reminders. By providing customers with the option to reply to your SMS businesses can improve communication and engagement.
Businesses who send high-volume text messages should use a online SMS service that offers mass SMS messaging tools. Notifyre offers businesses the ability to register their 10DLC number which improves throughput and message delivery rates with carriers. When sending mass messages online businesses need to upload and manage thousands of contacts, there is a quick import option in Notifyre to import and group your contacts. Scheduling mass SMS text messages is also often required to ensure the message is sent at the right time for to obtain the best SMS open rates. With Notifyre’s scheduling tool its simple to fyre off messages at the perfect time.
Business texting is critical for all business communication strategies. SMS provides direct access to customers and often results in improved engagement. Get started today with Notifyre SMS.
Send SMS alerts to thousands of contacts at once using Notifyre’s mass SMS service. Start by ordering a virtual SMS number and completing your 10DLC registration.
Many businesses provide customers with direct access to their business using a virtual SMS number. This gives customers the ability to communicate on the device and platform of their choice which often yields increased engagement and improved customer service. Keep your customers happy and get started with Notifyre today!

Transform your communication strategy with Notifyre SMS

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