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Send and receive SMS and fax online, from email, app or with our developer friendly SMS & fax API. ISO 27001 certified. Outstanding value and 5-star service.
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Our Products

Explore Notifyre's suite of messaging tools built for businesses and organizations of any size.


Our SMS gateway works hand in hand with your existing business processes. Send and receive SMS using Notifyre's online platform, email to SMS or SMS API.


Our HIPAA compliant fax service can be used to send, receive and manage faxes using our online fax platform, email to fax, fax to email or fax API. Our advanced security features meet all business fax requirements.


Stirdie is a secure, verifiable and blockchain audited digital messaging solution that is a reliable alternative to SMS and fax.

Send SMS online for instant engagement

Utilize the power of SMS messaging in your business, engaging with your audiences via SMS. Send SMS broadcasts or bulk SMS for marketing, promotions, surveys, support, alerts, or notifications all via a user-friendly secure online SMS portal.
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Virtual SMS Numbers
Get started with a virtual SMS number and send your first SMS within minutes.

SMS Broadcast

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SMS broadcasting at your fingertips with simple upload tools, SMS contact lists and scheduling features.

Email to SMS

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Notifyre converts the email to SMS and sends it to the desired mobile recipient. Use from any email application.

Two-way Conversations

Send SMS and receive SMS replies conveniently via email or online in real time.

Virtual SMS Number

Order a virtual SMS number and upgrade to a high-volume SMS number to power up your mass SMS marketing campaigns.

SMS Personalization

Send personalized SMS messages for increased click through rates, conversions and reducing SMS unsubscribers.


Integrate SMS into existing business processes to enhance communication, reduce manual processes and auto key business workflows.

10DLC registration for online SMS

Improve message sending speeds and SMS delivery with 10DLC number registration. Increase throughput with mobile network operators and ensure your message gets delivered every time!
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5 Star Service Guarantee

"Joe was amazing! Very helpful and informative! Just based on their service alone, five stars is fair" - 8 June 2023

Online SMS Capabilities

Use a shared SMS number, transfer an existing number or order a new dedicated mobile number
Dynamic fields for SMS personalization
Emojis & Unicode support
Import up to 300,000 contacts into SMS address books
SMS broadcast scheduling
Unsubscribe management tools
Two-way SMS conversations for SMS response collection

Wondering how to send a fax online?

Notifyre provides a speedy and straightforward way to transmit faxes digitally! In the dashboard, enter the To: fax number, upload a cover page (optional), attach your fax and click send. Advanced security features keep your fax secure every step of the way. Notifyre has what every business needs to fax from email, online or API.

Fax Broadcast

Use fax broadcasting to deliver one fax document to multiple recipients in one go.

Fax Number Porting

Keep your existing fax number. Receive temporary redirect number while you wait.

Email to Fax

Send and receive faxes via your existing email from your computer, mobile or tablet.


Integrate and automate fax into your existing business workflows or software.

Fax service features

Send fax from computer, mobile and tablet
Send fax via email
Send and receive fax via API Gateway
Port existing fax numbers
Import up to 300,000 contacts
Create or upload fax cover sheet templates
Fax broadcasting
Fax scheduling

SMS and fax API gateway for business

Automate your SMS appointment reminders or system SMS notifications with our SMS receive gateway. Give the fax machine a break and trial sending online fax. Sign up to Notifyre and experience first-hand how easy it is to send secure documents online.
Developer Portal
Visit our developer portal to explore our API gateways for Fax and SMS.
API Documentation
Comprehensive API documentation makes it simple to integrate fax and SMS into your internal systems.
Connect to 5000+ apps with Zapier
Send automated text message and create automation in your systems when SMS replies are received.
Dedicated support to guide you
Our knowledgeable team is ready to help you with the switch to using SMS and fax services online. Call us, live chat or send us a message at your convenience.

Secure, safeguarded SMS and fax service

Our SMS and fax platform is compliant with privacy laws, ensuring your business data stays secure. Notifyre’s secure messaging tools keeps your online fax secure and SMS data protected at all times.
We've implemented multiple layers of physical and cloud security measures to safeguard your data and accounts, ensuring strict compliance with data privacy regulations.
We adhere to the highest standards in information security management. Notifyre is ISO 27001:2013 certified with stringent policies, procedures, and security controls in place across our organization and software.
Your data is shielded with top-grade encryption both at rest and in transit. We prioritize the security of your information, providing you with peace of mind throughout the entire process.
We understand the importance of uninterrupted communication. Our commitment to a 99.99% server uptime guarantee ensures that you can send and receive messages reliably, without any disruptions.

Build trust & prevent fraud with Stirdie messaging

Stirdie is a secure, verifiable and blockchain audited digital messaging solution that is a reliable & cost-effective alternative to SMS and fax.
Send secure messages and files.
Verified identities to eliminate fraud.
Immutable blockchain audit trail.

Fax and SMS for your industry

Drive sales, increase brand awareness and launch SMS marketing campaigns in minutes with Notifyre SMS. Upload contacts and create marketing contact groups to organise your SMS lists for bulk SMS sending. Explore SMS
Switch to online fax to send and receive secure documents online, reduce operating costs, and improve communication across all government departments. Explore Fax
Send SMS appointment reminders or use links in your SMS to give patients access to test results, prescriptions. Send text messages to patients with appointment booking links using SMS automation through our SMS API gateway. Explore SMS
Accelerate existing business workflows to improve warehouse operations and enhance communications between customers, suppliers and trading partners while maintaining compliant. Explore Fax

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike a traditional fax machine, online fax services provide multiple ways to send fax online. As an online fax service Notifyre offers you the choice to send and receive faxes using the online fax portal, email to fax or integrate with your system using the Notifyre fax API.
Sending a fax via email is easy. Sign up to Notifyre, add funds and in Settings enable your email to send faxes. You can enable unlimited emails to send faxes, each email will need to be enabled through verification. Once your email has been enabled you can send a fax by attaching it to your email and entering the fax number in the To: field in this format: {faxnumber}@{accountnumber}
Yes, you can receive faxes to your virtual number from any fax number. If someone is using a fax machine to send a fax all they need is your virtual fax number and you will receive the fax to your online fax account, your email inbox if you have enabled it or to your systems when connected using the Notifyre fax API.
Electronic fax has become the best way to send fax online. Instead of sending a fax with a fax machine most people turn to google to search for the best online fax service. This is because it’s quick and easy to send faxes without a fax machine. Sign up to Notifyre and simply add funds to your account to send a fax. It will be sent to the recipient's fax machine or online fax account if they have one.
Free number porting is available, making your switch to online faxing easy. One you sign up to Notifyre go to your Settings and Numbers and port your number(s). You will need to select a fax receive plan as part of your porting request. While your number is being ported a temporary fax number is assigned to your account so you can start receiving faxes instantly.
To send SMS messages online you need to sign up to an online texting service. The first step is getting a online SMS number, once you have your number top up your account funds and proceed to send your message. You can import contacts and create contact lists to send a SMS to a group of numbers.
Yes, when you sign up to an online SMS service you can send and receive messages. You will need to order a number with Notifyre first and top up your account with funds to receive SMS messages online.
When sending mass SMS messages you can improve the speed and delivery rate of messages when you register your 10DLC number. Notifyre send your registration information to The Campaign Registry who completes company identification checks and reviews SMS Campaign data to provide transparency to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in the United States.
You can order a virtual mobile number with Notifyre. Simply sign up and click on Numbers in your settings. Choose from a wide range of 10DLC numbers. Local numbers can be selected for your area by searching for your State and City.
Two-way SMS messaging occurs between businesses who provide SMS customer service, send SMS surveys or send out SMS appointment reminders. By providing customers with the option to reply to your SMS businesses can improve communication and engagement.