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Discover the benefits and cost-effectiveness of Notifyre’s secure cloud fax solutions.

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Say goodbye to costly fax services or infrastructure.

Transfer your fax number to Notifyre and save! With hassle-free fax migration, transparent pricing and 5-star service, faxing has never been easier.

Fax number porting made easy: Complete a fax number porting request through your secure online Notifyre account and we take care of the rest!
Free redirect number: Need a temporary fax number? Free to use, with your Notifyre account during the fax port process.

Reduce fax machine costs: Eliminate costly maintenance and save with a reliable cloud fax service.

Champions of reliability and security.

Gain peace of mind knowing your fax communications will always be delivered, and received, every time.

99.99% server uptime: Once you port your fax number to Notifyre you can say goodbye to busy signals and fax machine errors.
Secure cloud fax storage: All sent and received faxes through Notifyre and securely stored on the cloud.

Multiple encryptions: Notifyre’s maximum security protocols ensure that your sensitive data is always transmitted safely.

How to port your fax number to Notifyre in 3 easy steps

Sign in to your Notifyre account and select quick fax


Login to the Notifyre dashboard and fill out the fax number porting request form

Enter the group of contacts you wish to send the fax broadcast to


You’ll receive a free redirect number during the porting process

Attach your fax document and hit send!


Once the porting process is complete, you can start receiving faxes online to your fax number!

Send. Receive. Save.

Cut fax machine expenses and improve overall business efficiency by porting your fax number online.

No more busy signals: Give the fax machine a boot and start faxing online to experience a superior service you can rely on for your business’ critical fax communications.
No more paper: Save the environment by eliminating paper waste in the office through an online fax service.

No more fax hardware: Simply sign-up for a Notifyre account and top-up your wallet to start sending instantly, at just a fraction of the cost of sending through a fax machine.


It doesn’t get any better than this.

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Explore all our fax features.

Email to fax

Use the channel you’re most familiar with and turn your emails into faxes.

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Fax broadcast

Upload your fax numbers & send a fax broadcast in minutes.

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Fast, powerful & reliable fax API for business.

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Implementing an online fax solution in your medical practice

Implementing an online fax solution in your medical practice

Learn about why your medical practice needs to make the switch to an online fax solution to improve communication, efficiency & patient satisfaction.

It’s time to modernise faxing in the healthcare industry

It’s time to modernize faxing in the healthcare industry

Stop using the fax machine and start using Notifyre. It’s time for you to get ahead of the curve and move your fax communications online.

All your fax number porting questions, answered.

A simple fax number port costs $30 AUD, whereas a complex port costs $110 AUD.

Your fax number porting request will be processed by the Notifyre Support team who will keep you updated throughout the process. Simple ports may take up to 30 days and a complex port may take up to 120 business days. This is a carrier level advised timeframe and fortunately, ports are usually processed much quicker.

Have multiple sites or departments in your organization? No worries. You can port as many fax numbers to Notifyre as you need.

Simple fax number porting refers to a simple service or number configuration, whereas a complex fax number porting refers to a complex service or number configuration, including but not limited to services with a Duet, Line Hunt, in-dial, On Ramp, ISDN or digitally hosted numbers. We recommend that you check with your current carrier to determine whether the port will be simple or complex.

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