Secure faxing, elevated: Notifyre’s online fax service

Send and receive fax via email, our secure web app or via API integration. Fax from computer, tablet or mobile with Notifyre. Streamline business communication with effortless online faxing.

  • Enterprise security: HIPAA compliant, ISO certified, secure data encryption.
  • Fax features: Free fax number porting, optional high quality, fax broadcasting and more.
  • Account management: Set up unlimited users, control permissions, configure emails to send and receive fax from an inbox.
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Ways to send and receive fax online

Integrate Fax into Your Software

Supercharge your business communications with Notifyre's powerful cloud fax API. Seamlessly integrate faxing capabilities into your applications and software, with features for sending, receiving, and processing faxes programmatically.

Send and Receive Fax in Email

Enhance your faxing experience with Notifyre's email to fax service. Send faxes from any email app, enjoy high-resolution sending, and secure data encryption. Add unlimited users to manage faxes within your email inbox.

Keep your Existing Fax Number

Effortlessly port your fax number to Notifyre's secure cloud solution. Enjoy 99.9% server uptime, free redirect numbers, and eliminate costly fax hardware. Transfer your fax numbers to Notifyre and say farewell to the fax machine for good.

Trusted by organizations worldwide

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5-Star Reviews
"I was up and running in under half an hour. I would recommend Notifyre to anyone wanting the convenience of sending documents as faxes direct from the PC." - Glen, August 09, 2023

Why transition to an online fax service?

Whether you're looking to send a fax online via email, our dedicated dashboard, or by integrating into your existing system, Notifyre makes it simple. Check out our Fax API for seamless software integrations. Explore Fax API

Discover our online fax service without the need for downloads or installations. Notifyre is all about convenience, ensuring you're up and faxing in no time.

Your document data matters. That's why our secure online fax service prioritizes data security, so you can fax with peace of mind. Explore Security Features

Feature-rich, reliable and customizable online fax service settings

Send and Receive
With desktop, mobile and tablet app  
With any email client 
Via API Gateway 
Use webhooks 
Send fax globally
Add multiple email address to receive fax documents
Resend fax feature
No additional software required
Fax Essentials
Import up to 300,000 contacts at once
Create contact groups
Fax Broadcast
High quality resolution sending (incurs extra charge*)
Multiple receive fax numbers (incurs extra charge*)
Create custom fax cover pages
Free fax cover page templates
Fax header
Schedule fax
Admin and Reporting
Unlimited users
Tiered user permissions
Email delivery notifications
Email send and receive permissions
Activate auto Top Up
Dashboard reporting
Activity log reports (option to export)
Export contacts
Security and Reliability
HIPAA compliant
ISO 27001 certified
Data Privacy compliant
Encrypted cloud storage
99.99% server uptime
API access tokens
Secure payment gateway powered by Stripe
Auto delete faxes when received
Auto delete faxes when sent

Security and compliance is at the heart of everything we do.

We take data security seriously. At Notifyre, we have advanced security features with multiple layers of data security in place to safeguard your critical fax communications.
We've implemented multiple layers of physical and cloud security measures to safeguard your data and accounts, ensuring strict compliance with data privacy regulations.
We adhere to the highest standards in information security management. Notifyre is ISO 27001:2013 certified with stringent policies, procedures, and security controls in place across our organization and software. Notifyre's ISO 27001 Certification
Remain compliant with secure HIPAA fax sending and receiving. Built to meet Healthcare fax regulations and standards, private and Protected Health Information (PHI) remains protected at every touch point with our security measures. Explore HIPAA Compliant Fax
Your data is shielded with AES 256-bit encryption both at rest and in transit. We prioritize the security of your information, providing you with peace of mind throughout the entire process.

Flexible Pay-as-you-go sending and monthly receive plans

When you're ready to start sending fax, top up your account funds, attach your fax and hit send! To receive select a plan that suits your business needs.

Bring your fax numbers with you.

Port your fax number online, without interruptions. Transfer your fax number online to us via our free porting process.

No more fax machine: Say goodbye to fax machine errors & unreliability and hello to seamless faxing from anywhere.

Top-notch security: Multiple layers of security provides peace of mind when sending & receiving faxes via a fax number in Notifyre.

Reduce expenses: Stop paying for expensive fax hardware costs and discover the benefits and cost-effectiveness of online faxing.


Scale your fax sending.

Elevate your business faxing with the capability to send fax broadcasts to unlimited fax numbers, from API, via email, and through Notifyre's online dashboard.

Easy contacts management: Import your contacts via a CSV (using our handy template in Notifyre) or add individual contacts to send your fax broadcast to multiple fax numbers, at the same time.

Fax reports: View your sent fax volume in the dashboard graphs and configure custom dates for historical reporting. See individual fax send and receive data under Activity. Filter data and export usage history as needed. 

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Build online fax services into your apps & software.

Easily implement Notifyre’s powerful fax sending and receiving functionality into your workflows by using our developer-friendly fax API.

Comprehensive API documentation: In-depth API documentation is available for fax sending & receiving, as well as contacts management.

SDKs & client libraries: Start building instantly with our SDKs and client libraries available in multiple programming languages.

Dedicated support team: Our team are on-hand to assist with any questions regarding our fax API.

Our most commonly asked questions about online fax, answered

Unlike a traditional fax machine, online fax services provide multiple ways to send fax online. As an online fax service Notifyre offers you the choice to send and receive faxes using the online fax portal, email to fax or integrate with your system using the Notifyre fax API.
Sending a fax via email is easy. Sign up to Notifyre, add funds and in Settings enable your email to send faxes. You can enable unlimited emails to send faxes, each email will need to be enabled through verification. Once your email has been enabled you can send a fax by attaching it to your email and entering the fax number in the To: field in this format: {faxnumber}@{accountnumber}
Yes, when using a email to fax service like Notifyre you can email a fax number. You email will be converted to fax when you send. To email a fax number add funds to your Notifyre account and in Settings enable your email to send faxes. Once your email has been enabled you can send a fax by entering the fax number as an email address in this format: {faxnumber}@{accountnumber} It will be sent to the recipient's fax machine or online fax service if they have one.
Electronic fax has become the norm when sending faxes online. Instead of sending a fax with a fax machine most people turn to google to search for the best online fax service. This is because it’s quick and easy to send faxes without a fax machine. Sign up to Notifyre and simply add funds to your account to send a fax. It will be sent to the recipient's fax machine or online fax account if they have one.
Yes, you can receive faxes to your virtual number from any fax number. If someone is using a fax machine to send a fax all they need is your virtual fax number and you will receive the fax to your online fax account, your email inbox if you have enabled it or to your systems when connected using the Notifyre fax API.
Free number porting is available, making your switch to online faxing easy. One you sign up to Notifyre go to your Settings and Numbers and port your number(s). You will need to select a fax receive plan as part of your porting request. While your number is being ported a temporary fax number is assigned to your account so you can start receiving faxes instantly.

Transform your communication strategy with our cloud fax solution

Our dedicated sales and support team are ready to help with your digital transition to online fax.

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