How to Improve Internal and External Business Communications with SMS

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SMS text messaging has become an increasingly popular method of business communication in the 21st century. Due to its immediacy and ability to connect directly with audiences, SMS provides many benefits to organizations including reducing costs, improving operational efficiencies and improving overall communications. 

From internal communications with employees and staff to external communications with customers and clients, there are unlimited ways to use SMS in your business with many SMS features to keep SMS text messages customized for your organization’s communications needs. 

We dive into how to improve internal and external business communications with SMS and show you how simple it is to implement Notifyre SMS with current business communications processes and workflows. 

Internal Communications

For any organization, effective internal communication is essential for business productivity and overall employee efficiency. Although companies use a wide range of internal communication channels, we’ve seen organizations around the world embrace new digital technologies due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on face-to-face communication and remote working environments.  

As an internal communications channel, SMS assists businesses in providing a way for employees, staff and team members to communicate and quickly deliver time-sensitive information when required. With Notifyre’s easy-to-use multi-channel communications platform, internal communication has never been easier. 


Roster Management and Shift Notifications

Use SMS text messages to effectively manage employee rosters and fill empty shifts as soon as possible. Send employees their weekly roster, and provide notifications for upcoming shifts or confirmations when shifts are cancelled. There are multiple ways to use SMS for roster management depending on your organization’s communications requirements.  Read more about optimising shift scheduling and staff roster management via SMS here.


Meeting Reminders and Updates

Send SMS text messages to employees and staff to remind them of upcoming meetings, provide updates on meeting results or links to meeting and preparation notes. This ensures employees don't miss meetings and are well prepared. Notifyre’s 2-way SMS feature also allows employees to reply to received SMS messages from your organization, for meeting cancellations or attendance responses. 


Emergency Alerts and Notifications

Ensure all employees and staff are notified of any emergency situations that may impact their ability to work or continue with their normal duties. With SMS text messages sent through Notifyre in a matter of minutes, quickly and efficiently update employees on weather alerts, health alerts, office closures and more.  


Office Announcements and News

Do you have a new team member joining your business? Want to let your team members know of an upcoming event or conference? With Notifyre’s bulk SMS broadcast feature, easily send a bulk SMS text message to employees or staff to notify them of any office announcements or news.  


IT Updates and Notifications

If employees or staff are unable to perform their normal duties due to technical difficulties, maintenance or delays, it’s important to notify them as soon as possible. This ensures their productivity and efficiency remain high and allows them to work on alternate tasks during the downtime. Sending SMS text messages is the perfect way to land information straight into their hands including details on system outages, server maintenance or anything IT related. 


External Communications

Not only is SMS beneficial for organizations to improve internal communications, but external communications management with customers or clients is also necessary to maintain positive relationships, build trust in your brand and boost business revenue.  

Notifyre’s feature-rich SMS tool powers businesses’ external communications by allowing for instant engagement with customers or clients, no matter where they are. With a 98% open rate and 90% of SMS text messages read within 90 seconds, there’s no better way to connect with your audience than through SMS. 


Booking and Appointment Reminders

SMS is the perfect revenue booster, providing organizations in many industries with the ability to send appointment reminders, confirmations, updates and more. Remind patients of upcoming healthcare appointments, customers of travel or hotel bookings and hair and beauty appointments with a fast SMS text message. 


Event Reminders and Notifications

Encourage maximum attendance to events and conferences with event reminders, invitations and confirmations via SMS. Send a confirmation once a ticket or booking has been placed, then follow-up with SMS text message notifications to ensure your audience doesn’t miss out. 


Order Scheduling, Receipts, Shipping and Delivery Confirmations

Send SMS text messages to your customers at every step of their purchasing journey. From sending SMS receipts, order confirmations, updates, shipping notifications and delivery confirmations, SMS is the perfect tool to ensure customers remain informed about their purchase and to encourage repeat purchases. 


Mass Alerts

Use SMS text messages to ensure customers are always kept up-to-date on emergencies, system outages, maintenance or security breaches and more. When it comes to meeting compliance requirements across your organization’s communications, the fastest way to notify customers and clients is through an SMS alert. 


SMS Marketing

SMS is the perfect marketing tool to help boost sales by sending SMS text messages to customers for special offers, promotions, in-stock updates, product launches, customer satisfaction surveys and more. SMS marketing is incredibly effective, with g2 stating SMS click-through rates can be as high as 36%. 


How to Send an SMS with Notifyre

There are multiple ways to send an SMS with Notifyre: 

  • Online dashboard – access Notifyre’s secure online dashboard from any device with an internet connection, easily sending and receiving SMS when required. 
  • Email – quickly send email to SMS text messages via your existing email client, without ever leaving your inbox. 
  • Notifyre app - manage your organization’s SMS communications from anywhere with the Notifyre desktop & mobile app.  
  • API integration – integrate Notifyre’s SMS functionality with existing applications and workflows via Notifyre’s powerful SMS API gateway. 


Get Started with Notifyre SMS

No matter your organization or industry, SMS can benefit your business. Get started now and create a Notifyre account or give our sales team a call on 1 (866) 620-3220 for a demonstration of the Notifyre platform.

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