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Provide exceptional customer service by using 2-way messaging to receive and respond to SMS replies.

Send and receive SMS messages, track, and manage SMS replies using our online platform, your email client or through API integration.
Receive replies and have conversations
Give your customers and clients the ability to reply to your messages and engage in conversation with your organization.
Item iconReceive unlimited replies with a Virtual 10DLC SMS Number.
Item icon Manage and respond to replies in the Conversations Tool.
How to reply to SMS messages using the Conversations Tool
Item icon1. Complete Brand and Campaign registration
Item icon2. Purchase a Virtual SMS Number
Item icon3. Send an SMS from your Virtual SMS Number
Item icon4. When a reply is received, navigate to Conversations in the online platform to view and respond.
Item iconTip: Activate email alerts to be sent when you receive a new reply in SMS Settings.
Save your contacts in Notifyre
Upload contacts to Notifyre one by one or through a bulk upload via CSV. Benefits of saving your contacts:
Item iconInstantly identify customers by name when viewing replies in the Conversations Tool
Item iconEnter the contact name or group instead of a number in the To: field when sending SMS
Item iconView and manage subscribe/unsubscribe status of saved contacts
Notifyre 10DLC Registration
Before you start. Required SMS registration.
To send and receive SMS messages within the US, organizations must register their Brand and SMS Campaign with The Campaign Registry (TCR). Mobile Network operators will only send A2P messages that have been approved by TCR.
Try out these clever ways to use 2-way SMS messaging in your business.
Competitions & promotions
Increase sales by sending customers a SMS as soon as your sales starts or start a discount loyalty program for a personalized experience.
Marketing campaigns
Keep customers in the loop from the beginning. Send personalized welcome texts and new product messages.
Customer surveys
Collect feedback from customers by simply sending them a text with a link to your review site or let them reply by using 2-way SMS messaging.
Payment reminders
Send customers SMS messages to confirm their payment or send a reminder for upcoming payments.
Staff roster management
Organize rosters and fill shifts by sending SMS messages to team members and letting them reply to confirm their shift.
Alerts & notifications
Instantly alert customers when events trigger urgent communication or send notifications such as system updates or 2FA verification SMS with Notifyre.
Customise 2-way SMS campaigns any way you like.
Bring out your human side and give your 2-way SMS messages a personal touch.
Item iconEmoji support: Add an emoji to promote customer engagement with your 2-way SMS campaigns.
Item iconUnicode support: Send an SMS in your customer’s native language to support global text message sending.
Item iconDynamic fields: Insert your customer’s personal details directly into the body of the text message.
Explore all our SMS features.
Bulk SMS
SMS broadcasting at your fingertips with simple upload tools, SMS contact lists and scheduling features.
Integrate SMS into existing business processes to enhance communication, reduce manual processes and auto key business workflows.
Virtual SMS Number
Order a dedicated virtual SMS number for consistent and verified brand identity.
SMS Personalization
Send personalized SMS messages for increased click through rates, conversions and reducing SMS unsubscribers.
Email to SMS
Notifyre converts the email to SMS and sends it to the desired mobile recipient. Use from any email application.
Transform your communication strategy with Notifyre SMS
Our dedicated sales and support team are ready to help with your digital transition to online SMS.
All your 2-way SMS questions, answered.
Notifyre users are required to register a Brand and Campaign in the Notifyre portal. Once approved users can purchase a virtual SMS number to begin sending SMS within the United States.
Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging is when messages are sent to a person using a system. Messages sent using Notifyre are considered A2P messages.
The Campaign Registry completes company identification checks and reviews SMS Campaign data to provide transparency to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) within the United States. This process is required when businesses or organizations send SMS messages using 10DLC numbers.
Currently Notifyre is not enabled to support individuals or sole proprietors who wish to send SMS messages within the United States.
Yes! Notifyre supports international SMS sending to over 200 countries globally.
Yes, if a contact is saved in Notifyre the SMS opt-out option can be used when sending SMS via the Notifyre secure web portal. If a user clicks this link they will be opted out and you will be unable to send SMS messages to the contact. If a contact asks to opt back in you can manually change the subscribe status in the contact card details.
Character limits and message parts apply when sending an SMS through Notifyre. It is important to be aware of message characters as this can affect your total message cost. The maximum character limit for a single SMS text message is 160 characters or 1 message part. However, Notifyre does not restrict its users from sending an SMS text message that is longer than 160 characters (unless Character Limit is toggled ON under SMS Settings). If a longer message (multi-part message) is sent, each message has a maximum of 153 characters due to seven characters being needed to facilitate re-joining of the message on delivery. For longer messages sent, the SMS is split into two or more messages that may be reassembled on delivery, so they are a single message (or, on some handsets, may be delivered as a series of separate SMS). If you send an SMS text message that contains more than 160 characters or 1 Message Parts, every 153 characters or part thereof will be charged as an additional SMS message. For example, if a SMS text message is sent with 300 characters, the SMS will contain 2 Message Parts and therefore the second Message Part will be charged as an additional SMS text message.
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