Why Your Business Needs SMS Two Factor Authentication

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Keep customer accounts secure and protect sensitive data with SMS two factor authentication (2fa). By enabling a multi factor authentication solution, your organization can block 99.99% of unauthorized login attempts. With today's advancements in technology, cyber attacks are increasing with thousands of cyber criminals trying to outsmart the system and gain access to your customer's data. Two factor authentication via SMS helps financial institutions, educational organizations, healthcare providers and government agencies protect customer accounts and prevent unwanted cybersecurity attacks.


Reduce Vulnerability to Cyber Threats

Ensuring the security of your customer’s accounts is critical, especially for organizations in regulated industries that work with sensitive data every day. Lock out unauthorized account access with a text message solution designed for two-factor authentication.  Not only does sending customers a one-time code (OTP) via SMS help reduce the ability for customer data to be compromised, but it also adds an extra security layer to your organization’s documents, files, software and sensitive information.  

SMS OTP codes can be used for account logins and access, payment authorizations and more. Adding an SMS two-factor authentication method to your organization is one of the easiest ways to elevate your business security.


Build Trust and Confidence in Your Business

Data breaches not only cost businesses around the world millions every year, but also reduces a customer’s trust and confidence, which can harm an organization’s brand reputation and ultimately result in a business liquidation. Due to the increase in these security breaches, users are opting for organizations that are committed to maintaining security above all else.  By incorporating two factor authentication to protect your customer’s data, you improve customer satisfaction, credibility and brand reputation, demonstrating that data security is a top priority for your organization.


Add SMS Functionality to Existing Systems

No matter what system or software you currently use for customer relationship management across your organization, Notifyre’s two-factor authentication SMS solution can be easily integrated via the powerful API gateway. Reduce internal inefficiencies including administration time and incoming calls for password resets by sending customers a secure OTP. 



Fyre Up Your Business Communications with SMS for Two Factor Authentication (2fa)

SMS can be utilized across your entire organization to improve communications and streamline business workflows. Try Notifyre today and discover how adding two factor authentication to your processes improves security and compliance of customer data.


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