The Guide to Online Fax Numbers: Getting, Porting, and Receiving Faxes in 2024

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Introduction to Online Fax Numbers

Faxing remains a crucial part of business communication, however, with technological advancements, the traditional fax machine is becoming obsolete, replaced by more convenient online fax services. This guide will explore how you can easily get and use an online fax number, port your existing number, and receive faxes without a physical fax machine. 


Getting Your Online Fax Number

  • Choosing a Fax Service: Start by selecting a reliable online fax service provider. Notifyre offers exceptional value with receive fax plans that include one fax number, tailored to different business requirements based on volume.  
  • Signing Up: Register with your chosen provider. This process usually involves providing basic personal or business information.
  • Selecting a Number: Select a receive fax plan and choose your new fax number. Most providers offer a range of options, including local, national, and international numbers.

Once you have created an account with Notifyre, follow our guide to get a fax number.  

Integrate and automate fax into your existing business workflows or software with our virtual fax API


Porting Your Existing Fax Number for Free

Porting your existing fax number to Notifyre’s online fax service is straightforward and free, unlike many competitors who charge for this service.

  1. Log into your Notifyre dashboard and navigate to Settings, Numbers, Fax Numbers
  2. Click Port Number and enter your Fax Number details.  
  3. Accept the Terms and Conditions and submit the porting request form 


Flexibility Across Devices & Platforms 

Receiving faxes to your online fax number is a straightforward process with Notifyre. Once you acquire an online fax number, you simply provide it to those who will be sending you faxes. As faxes are sent to this number, they are directly delivered to your account. Notifyre allows for various methods of receiving faxes, enhancing flexibility and convenience for users. You can receive faxes online, through email, or via API integration.  

Notifyre’s online fax services are designed to be compatible with a wide range of devices. This means you can access your faxes on computers, tablets, or smartphones, making it convenient to manage your fax communications from virtually anywhere.

Sign up to Notifyre to start today.  


Benefits of Online Fax Services 

  • Online fax services like Notifyre provide the freedom to send and receive faxes from anywhere, at any time.
  • Be cost-effective and eliminate the need for a physical fax machine and related expenses like paper, ink, and maintenance.
  • Online fax services often provide enhanced security features, making them a safer option for transmitting sensitive information. 


What is a Fax Line and Can You Fax Without a Phone Line?

A fax line is a dedicated fax number for receiving faxes. Traditionally, fax machines send documents over phone lines to recipients' fax lines. This line is usually separate from regular phone lines to avoid interference. Nowadays, online fax services like Notifyre let you send and receive faxes without a a dedicated fax line.  

Yes, you can send faxes without a fax line by using online fax services such as Notifyre. Just sign up, upload your document, enter the recipient's fax number, and send the fax digitally. For receiving faxes, Notifyre offers receive fax plans tailored to your fax volume.  


Do You Need a Phone Line for a Fax Machine?

Traditional fax machines still require phone lines, but there are plenty of online fax alternatives. Just hop online and search for efax or online fax services, and you will find plenty of fax services offering flexible ways to send faxes without a phone line. These online platforms let you send fax over the internet, so you don’t have to use the old fax machine and dedicated phone line. Plus, with services like Notifyre, you can even pay-per-fax, making it convenient and flexible for your budget.  



How to Receive Fax Without a Fax Machine

  • Getting an Online Fax Number: Sign up with Notifyre to get your own online fax number.
  • Receiving Faxes: Share your fax number with your contacts. When they send a fax to this number, you'll receive it in your chosen format, be it emailed as a PDF, directly on the online fax platform, or through a connected app on your device. 


Transitioning to Online Fax Services

Transitioning to online fax services is straightforward and user-friendly, Notifyre offers dedicated support for a seamless shift. A significant advantage of this transition is the ability to retain your current fax number.  

With Notifyre's free fax porting services, you can keep your existing fax number, ensuring continuity in your communications and maintaining your established contacts without any disruption.


Choosing the Right Fax Service for Your Needs

Assess your faxing needs to choose a plan that suits your volume of sending and receiving faxes. If you need to integrate faxing with other business systems, look for a service that offers API integration.

Explore Notifyre’s receive fax pricing.


Notifyre’s Australian Online Fax Service is NBN Compatible

The NBN, or National Broadband Network, is a nationwide initiative in Australia aimed at upgrading the country's telecommunications infrastructure to provide high-speed internet access to homes, businesses, and government institutions. The goal is to deliver faster and more reliable internet connections to all Australians, regardless of their location. The Australian government announced that as of December 2020, the NBN roll-out was officially completed.  


What Did This Mean to Businesses Who Fax?

The roll-out of the NBN caused many difficulties for organisations who rely on using traditional fax machines for critical business communications. This meant interruptions to fax workflows and compatibility issues. Fortunately, online fax solutions such as Notifyre who are 100% NBN-ready, enable businesses to transition faxing online smoothly. With Notifyre, businesses could continue sending and receiving faxes reliably even with the NBN transition. Discover uninterrupted faxing by bringing your fax communications online with Notifyre.


Experience Seamless Fax Communications with Notifyre: Your 100% NBN-Ready Solution

1. Unrestricted Faxing – Give the fax machine a boot

Tired of busy signals, lost connections and clunky hardware? Ditch the fax machine and start sending faxes the right way with a 100% NBN ready provider. Notifyre can get you up and running in minutes and is compatible with any type of internet connection. Get ready to start faxing like the NBN never existed.

2. Connectivity – Plays nice with others

Need to send a fax to a fax machine or receive a fax from one? Notifyre plays nicely with traditional fax machines, so you’ll see no difference in your sent and received fax jobs when you make the switch, just an improvement in reliability, security and speed. Notifyre’s 99.99% guaranteed server uptime and NBN compatibility means your faxes will get delivered on time, every time. No more busy signals, just uninterrupted faxing.

3. Fax Number Porting – Receive faxes online

Don’t losing your existing fax number. Port your fax number to Notifyre through Notifyre’s easy online porting process and keep receiving faxes online while on the NBN. Receive faxes to the Notifyre dashboard or straight to your email inbox. 


Embracing the Future of Faxing

As we enter 2024, the shift towards online fax services is inevitable. Businesses and individuals are embracing this technology for its convenience, cost-effectiveness, and enhanced security. Whether you're looking to get a new fax number or port your existing one, online fax services like Notifyre offer an easy and efficient solution, freeing you from the limitations of traditional fax machines.

Start today and register with Notifyre

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