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Supercharge your business fax communications with Notifyre

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Notifyre’s online faxing solution integrates seamlessly within today’s digital document workflows for business, providing organisations and users with a secure, reliable and industry-compliant cloud faxing solution.  

With ISO 27001 certification, stringent security processes and advanced security and compliance features, gain peace of mind knowing that any sensitive fax data sent, received or stored through the Notifyre platform is always secure.


Powerful business-ready fax features

  • Fax number porting – keep your existing fax number by porting it to Notifyre, or get a new one.   
  • Fax broadcast – easily broadcast a fax message to your entire audience, or to individual contacts  
  • NBN ready – Future-proof your fax communications by bringing your fax to the NBN with Notifyre. 
  • Dynamic cover pages - add a dynamic cover page to your fax from an existing template or build your own. 
  • Fax scheduling – schedule your faxes to be sent at a time convenient to you or your organisation’s campaigns. 
  • High quality resolution – have the option to send your faxes in standard quality or high quality.  


Simple and easy-to-use platform for all users

  • Email to fax – Designed for quick and simple faxing without ever leaving your inbox. 
  • App - Fax from your pocket while on-the-go with Notifyre’s user-friendly App. 
  • Browser-Based portal - Easy faxing from any browser on any device. 
  • API integration – Turn manual faxing processes into a seamless software experience with a simple and reliable fax API. 

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