Build brand loyalty through SMS booking confirmations and reminders

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Ensuring customers don’t forget their booking is essential for many businesses, especially those the hospitalityhealthcare and hair and beauty industries that rely on customer bookings for their revenue stream. Following up on bookings for confirmations, rescheduling and cancellations via phone is time-consuming and inefficient, whereas implementing an SMS reminder service for bookings and reservations can help to automate communications, and reduce no-shows and inbound calls. 

With SMS booking confirmations and scheduling reminders the third most popular reason why customers want to receive SMS text messages from businesses, it’s time to implement SMS in your business to build brand loyalty, streamline communications and gain repeat bookings.  


Boost business revenue

By sending SMS booking confirmations and reminders, you reduce missed bookings and time spent following up customers on unconfirmed reservations, ultimately boosting your bottom line. Save thousands on administration costs and empty seats by easily reminding customers of upcoming reservations via SMS. Improve brand trust and reputation by sending SMS through a dedicated virtual SMS number, providing your customers with a number they’ll easily recognise every time they receive SMS communications from your business. Keeping customers happy is key to boosting business revenue through customer retention.  

SMS confirmations and reminders allow customers to view important information about their visit, as well as update their booking or reservation directly via their mobile phone. With the average consumer spending 4 hours a day checking their phone, SMS is the perfect way to connect directly with your customers and ensure your booking confirmations and reminders are always read.  


Enhance end-to-end service

Enhance the customer journey at every step by sending SMS booking confirmations to customers. Automate an SMS confirmation once a booking has been received and follow-up SMS text messages 24 or 48 hours before the booking or reservation. Sending SMS confirmations and reminders makes it as easy as possible for customers to remember their bookings and ensures your business never has empty seats.  

SMS is perfect for flight and accommodation bookings, restaurant reservations, beauty appointments and more. No matter what industry your organisation falls in, if you offer services that require bookings, instant SMS communications can help to retain customers and improve trust in your brand. 


Automate communications

Give your customers the option to respond to reservations or bookings to confirm, reschedule or cancel through Notifyre’s 2-way SMS messaging capabilities. With 60% of customers wanting to be able to respond back to SMS messages they receive, using SMS as part of your business communications is the perfect way to build instant connections with customers and personalise messaging to suit their needs. 

Already use a customer relationship manager or system? Easily integrate SMS functionality within existing systems via the SMS API gateway. This allows you to automate SMS messages sent to customers at specific stages in their journey, action replies and update bookings and reservations as required, all from the same software. 


Fyre up your business communications with SMS for booking confirmations and reservations

These days it’s not easy for organisations to cut through the noise with so many different communications channels available to connect with customers. SMS, however, provides your business with an almost guaranteed method to ensure your customers are notified of their bookings and reservations. Don’t land in their spam inbox, land directly on their mobile device instead. Try Notifyre for free today to discover how SMS can work for your business.  



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