SMS Sender IDs for Brand Recognition: Use A Custom SMS Sender ID For Your Business

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In the world of marketing, every brand interaction counts. That's why Australian businesses are using custom SMS Sender IDs to improve their campaign outcomes through enhanced brand recognition and engagement. Using a custom SMS Sender ID is a crucial step to avoid your messages being mistaken for spam and helps to keep your customers feeling confident when communicating with you.

Stand Out with Your Brand Name

Imagine your company name or tagline at the top of every text message your customers receive. That's the impact of a custom SMS Sender ID! Replace a generic number with your business number, alphanumeric or alphabetical characters and showcase your brand's identity. Each Sender ID can have up to 11 characters.

Boost Engagement and Trust

Personalisation is the name of the game. Studies show that personalised text messages lead to higher engagement rates. By using a custom Sender ID, you're not just sending texts; you're creating connections and building trust with your audience.

Drive Direct Communication

Take control of conversations. When customers see your branded Sender ID, they know it's you. And here's the game-changer: you can opt to use your mobile number as a custom Sender ID to send mass text messages. When you do this, you can receive replies directly to your mobile device and respond from your device. It's seamless, it's efficient, and it's all about creating instant connections.

Note: when using a mobile number as a Sender ID replies will not be stored in Notifyre.

Reduce Spam Uncertainty

Using a custom Sender ID is more than a branding tool; it's a smart strategy to reduce spam uncertainty among your customers. Generic, unidentified numbers can trigger spam alerts or be ignored by recipients. With a recognisable Sender ID, your messages are trusted and welcomed by your recipients.


The Future of SMS Sender ID Registry

Looking ahead, the Australian government's SMS Sender ID Registry is paving the way for enhanced security and trust in SMS communications. As part of the National Anti-Scam Centre, the registry aims to protect alphanumeric message headers (business names or related tags) from impersonation by scammers. This proactive measure not only safeguards brands and agencies but also prevents consumers from falling victim to fraudulent schemes.


How to Get Started with Notifyre

Sign up and request your custom Sender ID through your Notifyre account, and we'll handle the rest. All Notifyre sender IDs are reviewed and approved by our support team before use to meet Australian legislative SMS Sender ID requirements.

Verified Sender ID Process

For added security and compliance, we verify personal numbers used as Sender IDs. Simply email your latest mobile provider/ carriers tax invoice to and the Notifyre team will promptly review your custom SMS Sender ID.


Stand Out and Instantly Connect With Notifyre

In a crowded marketplace, standing out is essential. With a custom SMS Sender ID, your brand becomes more than a message—it becomes memorable. Remember to stay informed about all SMS marketing laws and regulations in Australia to ensure compliance when sending text messages online. Engage your audience, drive responses, and use Notifyre’s personalisation tools to improve your SMS marketing today!  



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