Why Your Small Business Needs a Dedicated Virtual Mobile Phone number

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Looking to incorporate SMS text message marketing in your small business? A dedicated virtual mobile phone number (also known as a virtual SMS number or virtual mobile number), is ideal for growing businesses and helps to improve customer engagement and boost business revenue. A dedicated virtual mobile number provides you with the ability to send SMS text messages to your customers, receive replies and boost overall business communications.

We dive into how your small business can benefit from a dedicated virtual number, types of dedicated virtual mobile numbers and how to get a virtual mobile number for your business below.  


Gain Customer Trust

As a small business owner, your success relies on business revenue from customer satisfaction and repeat sales. Trust and authenticity are important to many, especially with many individuals turning away from big chain stores and searching to purchase locally, for shops, restaurants, cafes and service providers. Establishing customer trust and familiarity with your brand is critical to business growth.  

A unique, dedicated virtual mobile number not only provides you with a way to separate personal and business communications, but it can also help to establish trust and professionalism. This is done through a single identity, providing a single point of contact for customers to send and receive text messages with your small business. Gaining customer trust through streamlined, effective communications can build brand consistency and improve satisfaction, driving sales and ultimately boosting your business’ bottom line.  


Have 2-Way SMS Conversations

Give your customers the ability to respond back to your small business’ SMS text messages via a dedicated virtual mobile number2-way SMS messaging helps to improve customer engagement and interactions with your business through replies and conversations. Let customers always know exactly where your text message came from and use your dedicated virtual mobile number for: 

  • Streamlining customer service and support - use your dedicated virtual mobile number as a way for customers to easily contact sales or support 
  • Receiving customer feedback – setup an automated SMS customer feedback survey to be sent after customers have purchased a product and/or service from your small business 
  • Optimising the customer journey – instantly send SMS text messages at critical stages in the customer journey to improve communications in your small business and build positive relationships with your customers 


Run Creative Marketing Campaigns

One of the major benefits of having a dedicated virtual mobile phone number for your small business is the ability to run effective, creative marketing campaigns. There’s no question that email marketing is still a popular form of marketing, but in today’s digital world and with SMS being a direct connection to customers via their most used channel, more and more businesses are utilising SMS text message marketing. Here’s why: 

  • SMS marketing click-through rates are approximately 10-15% higher than email. 
  • 86% of small business owners who use SMS text messaging as part of their marketing strategy say that texting offers higher engagement than email communication.  
  • 85% of consumers prefer to receive an SMS text message to a voice call or an email 
  • Consumers are 134% more likely to respond to a text message than an email  

Use a dedicated virtual mobile number for your small business marketing campaigns including: 

  • Sales and promotions – promote upcoming sales and specials by sending an SMS text message to your customers 
  • Discounts and coupons – send discount codes and coupons to encourage repeat sales 
  • Competitions - run an SMS competition to drive business revenue and replies from customers to your dedicated virtual mobile number 


Improve Security with 2 Factor Authentication

No matter what industry your small business falls in, a dedicated virtual mobile number can help improve security and trust in your brand via 2-factor authentication. 2-factor authentication can help to build customer trust and confidence in your business by reducing vulnerability to cyber threats and ensuring customers’ details always remain secure.  


How to Get a Dedicated Virtual Mobile Number

Notifyre makes it easy for you to receive a dedicated virtual mobile number for your small business. Once you sign up to Notifyre, add you payment method and add a dedicated virtual mobile number subscription via the Notifyre dashboard. 

When sending an SMS text message via Notifyre, you will then have the option to send the SMS using your new dedicated virtual mobile number and receive replies directly to the dashboard.  

Contact our support team today on 1300 032 936 if you need any assistance to get started.  

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