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Connect and automate SMS with existing apps via Zapier

Using the Notifyre X Zapier app connector, automate text message sending and automate workflows in existing apps when SMS replies are received.
Connect Notifyre’s SMS service to your existing apps with Zapier
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Trigger SMS messages to be sent automatically once an action has been completed in your chosen app.
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Trigger an action to be completed in your chosen app once an SMS message has been received.
Send automated text messages via Zapier
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Automate SMS appointment reminders
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Send SMS marketing messages at customer touch points
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Receive customer satisfaction responses
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Automatic system updates when messages are received
How to send automated SMS messages via Zapier
Create a Notifyre account and top-up your funds. You'll need to have funds available in your Notifyre account to send SMS.
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Create a free Zapier account. You'll have access to 5 Zaps for free so you can start sending & receiving SMS via the Notifyre integration.
Choose from the available Notifyre & Zapier templates or create your own Zap from scratch.
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Start using Notifyre and Zapier today!
SMS marketing automation
Create automations in your apps to send SMS via Zapier or trigger actions in your app to alert you to SMS replies in real-time. You can also set up an automation to send SMS replies when you receive SMS messages from customers.
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Reduce repetitive tasks, send text messages instantly and streamline workflows with Notifyre SMS for an efficient and cost-effective SMS marketing automation strategy.
Need a Notifyre SMS X Zapier connector for an app?
Tell us what app you use in your business, and we can add a Notifyre SMS and Zapier Zap feature request! Automate your SMS communication workflows with a trusted SMS solution. HIPAA compliant and ISO 27001 certified.
Implement SMS automation with over 5000+ available Zapier apps
Popular Notifyre SMS and Zapier App Integrations
Check out how you can automatically send SMS or trigger updates when SMS replies are received.
Get Slack notifications from Notifyre and Zapier when a SMS is sent or received.
Google Sheets
Automatically trigger messages to send from Notifyre when changes are made in your Google Sheets.
Use Notifyre and Zapier to send SMS from Asana when tasks are added or completed in your Asana projects. Or when you receive a SMS a task is automatically updated.
Connect Notifyre and Zapier to your Salesforce account to create leads or add contacts to a campaign when customers reply to SMS messages.
When you receive SMS replies use Zapier and Notifyre to update subscribers in your Mailchimp audience or when a new order is created trigger an SMS to be sent from Notifyre.
Send a SMS whenever new orders are placed on your Shopify store or when a cart has been abandoned with Notifyre and Zapier.
Connect Notifyre and Zapier to your HubSpot account to create new engagement for a contact when a SMS is received. Or when a new contact is created trigger a SMS to be automatically sent.
Get SMS notifications from Notifyre and Zapier whenever a new payment is received or send a SMS when a charge is refunded.
Explore all our SMS features
Email to SMS
Notifyre converts the email to SMS and sends it to the desired mobile recipient. Use from any email application.
Integrate SMS into existing business processes to enhance communication, reduce manual processes and auto key business workflows.
Virtual SMS Number
Order a dedicated virtual mobile number for consistent and verified brand identity.
SMS Personalisation
Send personalised SMS messages for increased click through rates, conversions and reducing SMS unsubscribers.
2-way SMS
Send & receive SMS to and from your contacts when required.