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Easy-to-use SMS tools designed for tourism and travel agencies

Boost customer satisfaction, build relationships and create experiences they’ll remember using SMS.
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Boost customer satisfaction, build relationships and create experiences they’ll remember using SMS.

SMS for Travel and Tourism

Helping organisations in the travel & tourism industry like travel agents, tour companies and hotels manage communications between staff and guests.

Get personal with customers through SMS

Notifyre’s online SMS service offers your tourism or travel agency the opportunity to send personalised and targeted information to your customers, boosting sales and building positive customer experiences and relationships. Send customers text alerts for travel bookings, itineraries, airline boarding passes, hotel booking reminders and more.

Keep customers up-to-date with timely notifications

Whether you are a travel agent, hotel or airline representative, integrate SMS into your systems and send real-time text alerts to ensure customers are always kept up-to-date throughout their entire journey. Confirm travel, flight and hotel bookings in minutes, inform customers of delays in travel and more with our SMS API gateway.

How to send and receive SMS online with Notifyre

Online SMS Platform

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Quickly and easily build and launch SMS campaigns to individuals or groups of contacts in one simple step. No setup required – be up and running in minutes.

Email to SMS

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Turn any email into an SMS message with our email to SMS feature. Compatible with all major email clients including Gmail®, Outlook®, Yahoo® and more.

SMS API Gateway

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Our powerful SMS API enables integration directly with existing business applications and software to enhance communications workflows.

Connect with Zapier

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Send SMS messages automatically and connect with 5000+ apps using the Notifyre + Zapier integration.

Aussie built & 5-star Aussie service

Our dedicated team are here to help. We are 100% committed to providing the very best in unified messaging with good old-fashioned service.

Notifyre is packed with online SMS features

Send and Receive
Item icon With desktop, mobile and tablet app  
Item icon With any email client 
Item icon SMS automation with 5000+ Integrations with Zapier   
Item icon Via API Gateway 
Item icon Use webhooks 
Item icon Global SMS messaging
Item icon Twilio alternative with Twexit
Item icon No additional software required
Item icon Pay as you go sending
Item icon 10DLC Registration
SMS Essentials
Item icon Bulk SMS sending
Item icon SMS scheduling
Item icon Mail merge text message fields
Item icon Free message replies for 48 hours
Item icon SMS Sender ID
Item icon Import up to 300,000 contacts at once
Item icon Edit individual contact details
Item icon Create contact groups
Item icon Unsubscribe management
Item icon Virtual SMS Number
Admin and Reporting
Item icon Unlimited users
Item icon Tiered user permissions
Item icon Email delivery notifications
Item icon Email send and receive permissions
Item icon SMS cost estimator
Item icon Activate auto Top Up
Item icon SMS reply email notifications
Item icon Dashboard reporting
Item icon Activity log reports (Option to export)
Item icon Export contacts
Security and Reliability
Item icon HIPAA compliant
Item icon ISO 27001 certified
Item icon Data Privacy compliant
Item icon Encrypted cloud storage
Item icon 99.99% server uptime
Item icon API access tokens
Item icon Secure payment gateway powered by Stripe
Item icon Australian owned and operated

Explore SMS for Travel and Tourism features

Manage replies effortlessly with Notifyre’s online SMS service

Unlock our SMS Conversations tool when you send online text messages with a virtual SMS number. Set up your online SMS inbox today.
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Instantly reply to customers in Conversations
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Receive SMS replies to email
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Set up auto replies with SMS API
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Easily manage read and unread messages online

Automatically manage opt outs with Notifyre’s unsubscribe link

Notifyre’s SMS service offers contact opt out tools. Use the Notifyre unsubscribe link when sending an online SMS. If a contact clicks this link, they are automatically unsubscribed from receiving messages from your business. View unsubscribed contacts in your address book in the online SMS platform.

Virtual MMS number

Need to ask customers to send images to your virtual number? Use an MMS compatible virtual number to receive media files online. View images and download media files when you need in SMS Activity. For maximum efficiency link up Notifyre's SMS API to automatically receive MMS to your CRM software or reservation systems.

Fire off notifications instantly with our user-friendly platform

Equip all team members and staff with the power to send bulk text message to customers quickly and conveniently. Notifyre’s easy-to-use platform provides your tourism or travel agency with the ability to reach customers instantly within the palm of their hands – making it easier than ever to effectively connect with customers, no matter where their travel plans take them.

Practical text message templates for the travel and tourism industry

Tourism promotions
It’s travel frenzy at {company.name}! {deal.name} from {deal.price}. Hurry, offer ends {time.limit}. Enter code {code.number} at checkout {website.link}. Reply STOP to Opt Out.
Emergency travel notifications
Hi {first.name}, your flight {flight.number} has been delayed due to bad weather. Your boarding time is now {boarding.time}. Live updates: {website.link}. Reply STOP to Opt Out.
Hotel customer satisfaction surveys
Hi {first.name}, we hope you’ve enjoyed your stay with us at {hotel.name}. Tell us about your accommodation experience! Fill out a quick 2 minute survey. Your feedback is appreciated. {website.link}. Reply STOP to Opt Out.
Airline sales and specials
Hi {first.name}, looking for a summer getaway? Flight sale now on! Get crazy deals to {flight.destination} for only {flight.price}. Book now while seats last! {website.link}. Reply STOP to Opt Out.
Accommodation booking reminders
Hi {first.name}, your stay with {accomodation.name} is coming up. Check-in is at or after {check-in time}. We look forward to seeing you soon. Have a question? call us on {phone.number}. Reply STOP to Opt Out.

Transform your communication strategy with Notifyre's online SMS service

Our dedicated sales and support team based in Australia are ready to help with your digital transition to online SMS.

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