Easy-to-use SMS tools designed for tourism and travel agencies

Boost customer satisfaction, build relationships and create experiences they’ll remember using SMS.


Helping organisations in the travel & tourism industry like travel agents, tour companies and hotels manage communications between staff and guests.

  • Tourism promotions
  • Travel notifications
  • Hotel check-out message
  • Airline sales and specials
  • Booking reminders

Informative Communications

Keep customers up-to-date with timely notifications

Whether you are a travel agent, hotel or airline representative, use real-time text alerts to ensure customers are always kept up-to-date throughout their entire journey. Confirm travel, flight and hotel bookings in minutes, inform customers of delays in travel and more.


How to send and receive SMS online with Notifyre

Online SMS Platform

Online SMS

Quickly and easily build and launch SMS campaigns to individuals or groups of contacts in one simple step. No setup required – be up and running in minutes.

Email to SMS

Email to SMS

Turn any email into an SMS message with our email to SMS feature. Compatible with all major email clients including Gmail®, Outlook®, Yahoo® and more.

SMS API Gateway


Our powerful SMS API enables integration directly with existing business applications and software to enhance communications workflows.

Practical text message templates for the travel and tourism industry

Tourism promotions

It’s travel frenzy at {company.name}! {deal.name} from {deal.price}. Hurry, offer ends {time.limit}. Enter code {code.number} at checkout {website.link}.

Emergency travel notifications

Hi {first.name}, your flight {flight.number} has been delayed due to bad weather. Your boarding time is now {boarding.time}. Live updates: {website.link}.

Hotel customer satisfaction surveys

Hi {first.name}, we hope you’ve enjoyed your stay with us at {hotel.name}. Tell us about your accommodation experience! Fill out a quick 2 minute survey. Your feedback is appreciated. {website.link}

Airline sales and specials

Hi {first.name}, looking for a summer getaway? Flight sale now on! Get crazy deals to {flight.destination} for only {flight.price}. Book now while seats last! {website.link}

Accommodation booking reminders

Hi {first.name}, your stay with {accomodation.name} is coming up. Check-in is at or after {check-in time}. We look forward to seeing you soon. Have a question? call us on {phone.number}.


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