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Build trusting relationships with customers via personalisation.

Trust means loyalty. Reach customers through personalised messaging so they don't ever forget your brand.
Appointment reminders
SMS marketing campaigns
Abandoned carts
Alerts & notifications
Customer surveys
Staff roster management
unicode & multiple language support

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Grab your recipient’s attention and appeal to your customers’ human side by adding emoji’s into your SMS text message sends. Emoji’s may not be required for every SMS message, but they’re the perfect addition to your next SMS marketing campaign. Notifyre also supports multi-language SMS messages, so you can send SMS messages to anyone in any language around the world.

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personalisation questions
, answered.

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How do I add a customer's personal details into an SMS?

Adding these details into the body of an SMS is easy. When entering the SMS message via Notifyre's Quick SMS option, simply click "Personalize" and select a personalisation token option from the drop-down.

Learn more about SMS personalisation tokens on our help centre.

How do I add an emoji into an SMS?

Similarly to adding a customer's personal details, you can add an emoji into the body of an SMS via Notifyre's Quick SMS option. Simply click on the smiley face to select a desired emoji.

Learn more about adding emojis to an SMS and Notifyre's SMS message specifications on our help centre.

Can I send an SMS in another language?

Yes! You can enter any language into the body of an SMS message as Notifyre has Unicode support. Simply type out the SMS message in the desired language into the message section from Notifyre's Quick SMS option.

Learn more about Unicode support and specifications on our help centre.

Can I swap out my virtual mobile number for a custom SMS sender ID?

Yes, you can request a custom SMS sender ID via your Notifyre account.

An SMS sender ID appears at the top of a text message conversation and is used to identify the sender of the SMS to the recipient. The SMS Sender ID can include numeric, alphanumeric, alphabetical and up to a maximum of 11 characters.

Learn more about requesting and using a custom SMS sender ID on our help centre.

Does it cost extra to use Notifyre's personalisation tools?

No, none of our personalisation tools cost any extra to use. Please be aware that the price of an SMS may change depending on if it is a standard SMS (up to 160 characters), multi-part SMS or an SMS with an emoji.

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