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Up your business faxing game with fax broadcast.

Use fax broadcasting to deliver one fax document to multiple recipients. Upload thousands of fax contacts using the contact lists feature within Notifyre.

Manage your fax broadcast lists.

Setup and launch fax broadcast campaigns to any of the fax number lists stored in your contacts within minutes.
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Contacts import: Easily import your contacts via CSV or add individual contacts at any time you need through the Notifyre online platform.
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Contacts export: Need to export your fax contacts to refresh and manage? We have you covered. Quickly export contacts when required.

Fax broadcasting made easy.

Notifyre’s easy-to-use online platform allows you to broadcast a fax message to thousands of contacts, all at the same time, conveniently and easily.
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Online fax platform: Download Notifyre’s progressive web app to your chosen device to access fax sending from wherever you are.
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API: Integrate Notifyre’s powerful fax broadcast service with your existing software or system through our simple fax API gateway.

How to send a fax broadcast in 3 easy steps

1. Select Fax
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Login to your Notifyre account and select "Fax"
2. Enter the group of contacts
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Enter the group of contacts you wish to send the fax broadcast to.
3. Send your fax broadcast
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Attach your fax document and hit send!
Free Porting In - Available On All Fax Numbers

View and measure your fax broadcast campaigns in real-time.

Have complete visibility across your organization’s active fax broadcast campaigns.
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Reporting: Any sent, received or scheduled faxes will be instantly accessible via the Notifyre dashboard in fax history.
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Preview & download: Have the option to preview and sent and received faxes, as well as download them directly to your desktop or device.
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Custom cover sheets: Add a cover sheet so your fax recipient’s know exactly what the fax broadcast is all about.

Bulk faxing scaled to meet your organization’s needs.

Gain peace of mind with our superior fax broadcast service.
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Guaranteed 99.99% server uptime: We adjust our capacity to meet your fax broadcast demands with multiple redundancies in place, we guarantee a high server uptime.
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High deliverability rate: you can rely on Notifyre to ensure your fax broadcast is always sent on time, every time.
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Fax number porting: Port your fax number to Notifyre to use this as your ‘Sender ID’. Or use a Notifyre ‘shared number’.

Explore all our online fax service features.

Fax Number Porting

Keep your existing fax number and transfer it to Notifyre. Great value plans available.

Fax File Types

A range of file types are supported on Notifyre to send required documents as a fax.

Account Management

Customizable and comprehensive features to support businesses.


Integrate and automate fax into your existing business workflows or software.

Transform your communication strategy with our cloud fax solution

Our dedicated sales and support team are ready to help with your digital transition to online fax.

All your fax broadcast questions, answered.

Yes, Notifyre supports international fax sending to many countries around the globe.
Yes! You will need to attach the cover page as a separate document when sending via Notifyre’s quick fax function.
Once a fax has been scheduled you can sit back and relax because we’ll take care of the sending from here! You can view your scheduled faxes under fax activity via the Notifyre dashboard.
Yes. When sending a fax broadcast via Notifyre’s fax option, simply toggle the “High Quality” option to ON.
Once you’ve sent a fax, you can view successfully sent faxes in the fax activity tab via the Notifyre dashboard.

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