Advanced SMS tools for eCommerce stores

Stand out from the competition, enhance communications and increase online sales with Notifyre SMS.
SMS for eCommerce
Helping eCommerce stores to reach customers on a global scale, increase business revenue, drive repeat sales and improve overall communications with customers.
Maximize your reach for your eCommerce store
Notifyre’s online texting service allows you to reach customers on a global scale. No matter where they are, stand out from the competition by communicating with your customers through their most active channel. Ensure messages are seen at the right time, every time, with 82% of customers who say they open every text message they receive.
Incentivize eCommerce purchases with discounts & coupon codes
Keep your customers coming back for more through targeted text messages. Send discount codes and coupons to incentivize customer conversions, improve customer engagement with your eCommerce store, increase business revenue and overall sales.
Tailored customer experiences from end-to-end
Integrate Notifyre’s SMS service into your existing communications workflows to ensure customers are connected through every step of the buying journey. Send personalized text messages based on a customers’ browsing history, items left in their cart, previous orders and more.
Practical text message templates for eCommerce stores
Abandoned cart SMS
Hi {}, we noticed you add items to your shopping cart but didn’t check out. Continue with your purchase to receive {discount.percentage} off your order: {}. Reply STOP to Opt Out.
Discounts and offers
Hi {}, thanks for signing up! Get ready for great deals and offers, sent straight to your phone. Reply STOP to Opt Out.
Stock level notifications
Hi {}, good news! The items you love are back in stock. Get in quick before they sell out: {}. Reply STOP to Opt Out.
New product promotions
Guess what? We’re now stocking your favourite brand {}. Check out the items in store now: {}. Use code {code.number} for {discount.percentage} off your first purchase! Reply STOP to Opt Out.
Membership vouchers
Hi {}, happy birthday! Here’s a voucher, just for you. Apply code {code.number} at checkout to receive {discount.number}. Valid until {} Reply STOP to Opt Out.
How to send and receive SMS online with Notifyre
Online SMS Platform
Quickly and easily build and launch SMS campaigns to individuals or groups of contacts in one simple step. No setup required – be up and running in minutes.
Email to SMS
Turn any email into an SMS message with our email to SMS feature. Compatible with all major email clients including Gmail®, Outlook®, Yahoo® and more.
SMS API Gateway
Our powerful SMS API enables integration directly with existing business applications and software to enhance communications workflows.
Connect with Zapier
Send SMS messages automatically and connect with 5000+ apps using the Notifyre + Zapier integration.
Transform your communication strategy with Notifyre SMS
Our dedicated sales and support team are ready to help with your digital transition to online SMS.