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Online fax numbers: Receive fax online, instantly!

Order a virtual fax number for your area, choose one of our available fax numbers or port an existing fax number with Notifyre's online fax number service


Benefits of Notifyre’s online fax numbers

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Receive faxes online to any device
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Never miss a fax again with our ‘never busy’ feature
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No fax machine, no fax line, or ink needed. Plus receive environmental benefits of saving paper!
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Data security with encryption features and secure online storage for fax
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Cost effective with significant savings on a traditional fax line & machine
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Stay compliant in the healthcare industry with online fax numbers

Outstanding value online fax pricing

With an online fax number, you can receive faxes online securely to your computer, smart phone or other devices that are connected to the internet. With our flexible fax sending options, you can also send faxes conveniently online at any time, by adding funds to your Notifyre account.  


Add these additional services to your Receive Fax Plan

Port a fax number
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Keep your existing fax number with our optional fax number porting service. Notifyre will guide you through the process to ensure a smooth and easy fax number transfer. After submitting a porting request Notifyre users also receive a temporary fax number during the porting process.

Multiple fax numbers
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Additional virtual fax numbers can be added to Notifyre Fax Receive Plans for a small additional monthly fee. Securely and conveniently receive faxes to multiple fax numbers in your account. 

Send faxes as you need!
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We aim to provide outstanding value, delivering quality solutions with unbeatable service and pricing. Fax sending is optional, by simply adding funds to your Notifyre account, you can send faxes online.
Free Porting In - Available On All Fax Numbers

How to get a fax number

Organizations can choose to order a virtual fax number or transfer an existing fax number to Notifyre. When you choose a new online fax number you can select the country, region and pick a unique number from the list with an area code best suited to your organization location or contact us to discuss your specific business fax number requirements.


Receive faxes online with a fax number

Once you have an active fax number plan with Notifyre you can receive faxes online at any time via:
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Secure Online Portal
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Notifyre Fax App
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Fax API integration

Choosing a business fax number

When selecting a new fax number for your business, choose a fax number in the preferred location or state. This fax number can then be configured on your account as your ‘Fax Sender ID’ if you also require online fax sending.

Champions of reliability and security

Order an online fax number with Notifyre, say goodbye to busy signals and have confidence knowing your faxes are sent and received with the highest data security and redundancy.
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Data privacy compliant
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ISO/ IEC 27001 certified
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HIPAA compliant
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Encrypted cloud storage
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99.99% server uptime

Convenient, flexible and scalable virtual fax numbers

Transfer your fax number to Notifyre and save! Simply port an existing fax number or order a new fax number with transparent pricing and 5-star service, faxing has never been easier.
Explore all our fax features.
Integrate and automate fax into your existing business workflows or software.
Email to Fax
Send and receive faxes via your existing email from your computer, mobile or tablet.
Fax File Types
A range of file types are supported on Notifyre to send required documents as a fax.
Account Management
Customisable and comprehensive features to support businesses.

All your online fax number questions, answered.

An online fax number, also known as a virtual fax number, is a number that enables users to send and receive faxes electronically using the internet instead of a traditional fax machine or dedicated fax phone line.
Once you have signed up to Notifyre, login to your account and order a fax number via selecting ‘Plans’, select from ‘Choose a new number’ or ‘Port Existing Number’. Proceed to select options and ‘Add to Cart’. Proceed to finalize your plan via secure online credit card payment.
Fax senders can send to your Notifyre online fax number exactly as they would a traditional fax number. From their fax machine or online fax service, they simply enter the area code and fax number and send, faxes will be received securely, converted to a PDF file, and delivered to your email inbox, via your secure online Notifyre Dashboard or via fax API integration.
Each fax number can be configured to allow authorized email users to receive fax to email. Email users can receive faxes to multiple fax numbers that are active in the Notifyre account.
Yes, if you require other members from your organization to receive copies of inbound faxes received to your online fax numbers, you can enter multiple email addresses within your Fax Settings.
You can choose to cancel a fax number and/or all numbers under a fax plan at any time. No contracts and flexible! Visit our Help Center to view our guide on Cancelling a Fax Plan.
Notifyre’s online fax numbers offer various benefits, including receiving faxes online to any device, a 'never busy' feature, cost-effectiveness, data security with encryption, and environmental benefits by saving paper. No traditional fax line, machine, or ink is required.
Yes, with Notifyre's online fax numbers, you can receive faxes online directly to your email, secure online portal, Notifyre Fax App, or through Fax API integration.
Fax senders can send faxes to your Notifyre online fax number just like a traditional fax number. They are then converted to a PDF file and delivered to your email inbox, via your secure online Notifyre Dashboard, or through fax API integration.
Notifyre offers Fax API to integrate and automate fax into your existing business workflows or software. You can also send and receive faxes via your existing email from your computer, mobile, or tablet through the Email to Fax feature

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