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Build faxing into your apps & software with our fax API.

Integrate and automate fax into your existing business workflows or software to improve data security, flow and efficiency.
Communication workflows, solved.
Add fax sending and receiving into your business systems for maximum efficiency.
Item iconWell documented API endpoints means you can integrate Notifyre’s powerful fax service via API in no time at all.
Item iconDownload, send, receive and retrieve your fax data in minutes.
Item iconManage contacts, fax numbers and more, all from a single API.
How to plug into our fax API in 3 easy steps
1. Create a free API key
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Login to your Notifyre account and create a free API key
2. Connect your existing software
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Connect your existing software to Notifyre via our API documentation, SDKs or client libraries
3. Start sending & receiving
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Start sending & receiving fax through Notifyre via your existing software!
Free Porting In - Available On All Fax Numbers
Backed by secure, compliant & reliable messaging infrastructure.
The fax API gateway your business needs to stand out from the crowd. 100% HIPAA compliant faxing at your finger tips.
Item iconMeet compliance standards across finance, Government, healthcare, legal and more.
Item iconSmart message routing across our global carrier partners ensures outstanding reliability.
Item icon99.99% guaranteed server uptime for a powerful online fax solution that scales with you as your business grows.
Dedicated support for your fax API development needs.
Our support team are on-hand to assist with any questions you have regarding our fax API.
Item iconContact us via live chat, email and phone.
Item iconWork directly with our development team to customize a solution for your needs.
Item iconNo waiting on hold – our team are ready to support you no matter when you need it.
Benefits of Using Notifyre’s Fax API Service
Enter the new age of digital communication by integrating the power of fax API into your applications and software. Notifyre's fax API service seamlessly blends with your existing infrastructure, ensuring a smooth transition and enhanced efficiency.
Automated Faxing
Bypass manual methods and let our faxing API handle the heavy lifting. From sending to receiving, automate every step for maximum operational efficiency.
Streamlined Workflows
Incorporate fax capabilities directly into your software. Whether you're in healthcare or finance, our API ensures data consistency and security.
Unified Communication Management
Handle contacts, manage your online fax numbers, and more, all through our intuitive fax API.
Don't let outdated methods slow you down. Let our Fax API propel your business into a new era of streamlined, secure, and efficient communication. Start your journey with us today. Explore our pay as you go sending options and receive plans and get ready to change the way you fax.
Explore all our fax features.
Fax Number Porting
Keep your existing fax number and transfer it to Notifyre. Great value plans available.
Email to Fax
Send and receive faxes via your existing email from your computer, mobile or tablet.
Fax File Types
A range of file types are supported on Notifyre to send required documents as a fax.
Account Management
Customizable and comprehensive features to support businesses.
Transform your communication strategy with our cloud fax solution
Our dedicated sales and support team are ready to help with your digital transition to online fax.
All your fax API questions, answered.
To gain access to Notifyre’s fax & SMS API gateway, developers must first create a new API token. An API token provides developers with the ability to integrate Notifyre’s fax & SMS functionality with existing systems.
Yes! You can setup a webhook to receive real-time notifications from Notifyre via your third party application/s.
Notifyre’s fax API documentation as well as our SDKs are currently available in .NET and Node.js languages.
Yes, if you need to revoke an API token for any reason, it can be deleted in the developer settings in your Notifyre account.
Yes! We currently have SDKs available in .NET and Node.js languages. Our client libraries can be found on Github and accessed via our Help Centre.
Our cloud fax API boasts a 99.99% server uptime, ensuring your business keeps moving without disruptions.
Notifyre ensures compliance across diverse sectors, from healthcare to legal. Your data's safety is our topmost priority.
Not only do we offer a top-tier fax API, but our dedicated development team is also on standby to tailor solutions according to your unique business needs.
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