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What is Fax Forwarding?

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Fax Forwarding Explained.

Email and messaging apps are conventional ways to communicate these days, but did you know that fax machines are still being used due to the security it offers. However, traditional faxing has been replaced with digital fax technologies. This includes fax forwarding, which enables incoming faxes to be directly sent to email or stored digitally. But what exactly is fax forwarding, and how does it streamline fax workflows while keeping fax documents secure? Keep reading to learn more about this technology and uncover its benefits.


What is Fax Forwarding?

Fax forwarding is a routing feature that simplifies the receiving process by automatically sending incoming faxes directly to predetermined email addresses or network folders. This bypasses the need for printing on the fax machine. This means you don’t need a clunky machine to receive a fax.  


Does Notifyre Offer Fax Forwarding?

Certainly! Notifyre's fax to email service allows users to receive faxes directly in their email inbox. Fax transmissions are converted into PDF attachments and delivered to the designated email address that has been configured your Notifyre account.


How to Receive Faxes via Email?

To receive faxes in your email, you will need to sign up for an online fax service like Notifyre. After acquiring or porting your fax number, you can configure your email to receive incoming faxes effortlessly.


Do I Need a Fax Number for Fax to Email Service?

Yes, a fax number is required for receiving faxes via email. Notifyre provides flexible fax receive pricing options which vary depending on the volume of faxes to be received.  

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Benefits of Fax Forwarding to Email

Security: Digital storage reduces the risk of unauthorised access.  

Accessibility: Easily track, access, and manage documents online for convenient archiving, searching, and forwarding.

Clarity: Faxes are saved in PDF format, ensuring better print quality and readability.

Convenience: Receive faxes directly in your email inbox for swift access and response.

Document Sharing: Facilitate easy file sharing with colleagues and collaborators.


Is Receiving Fax to Email Secure?

Yes, fax forwarding is secure when using a trusted and secure online fax service provider like Notifyre. With robust encryption, compliance adherence, multi-factor authentication, and continuous monitoring, Notifyre ensures the security of your data. Their ISO 27001 certification and HIPAA-compliant services guarantee the safe transmission of sensitive information on your fax documents.  

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Sending Faxes from Email

With email to fax functionality, users can send faxes directly from their email accounts. Notifyre supports all major email clients, including Gmail®, Yahoo®, and Outlook®, making fax transmission seamless and hassle-free.

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Can You Send a Fax to Any Email Address?

Faxes can only be sent to email addresses configured to receive faxes. Notifyre users can enable this fax to email feature, allowing incoming faxes to be converted to PDF format and attached to the designated email address automatically.


Embracing the Future of Faxing

Fax forwarding to email offers a modern, efficient, and secure way of handling fax communications today. With Notifyre's comprehensive fax solutions, organisations can streamline their communication workflows while ensuring data security and regulatory compliance.

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