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Understanding 10 Digital Long Codes (10DLC) and A2P SMS Messaging

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Introduction to 10DLC and A2P Messaging

The landscape of business texting in the United States is evolving with the implementation of 10 Digital Long Codes (10DLC) and Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging. This blog aims to demystify the seemingly complicated 10DLC and A2P messaging, explaining their significance and the process of utilizing online SMS services effectively.


What are 10 Digital Long Codes (10DLC)?

10DLCs are standard 10-digit phone numbers designed specifically for SMS business messaging.  

They offer a cost-effective and efficient way for businesses to send Application-to-Person (A2P) SMS messages. Unlike short codes, 10DLCs provide a more traditional phone number format while still supporting high-volume messaging needs once registered with The Campaign Registry (TCR).  

Notifyre offers users 10DLC numbers and the ability to register 10DLC with the TCR for high-volume SMS sending. 


The Role of A2P Messaging in Business SMS Communication

A2P messaging refers to SMS messages sent from an application to a person, predominantly used by businesses for various communication touch points in their customer journey such as notifications, marketing messages, or customer service interactions.  

With the rise of A2P messaging, carriers in the US have started offering better delivery quality and lower filtering risk for messages sent via 10DLCs. To access these benefits business can register 10DLCs.  

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Understanding The Campaign Registry

The Campaign Registry plays a crucial role in the A2P 10DLC ecosystem. It performs company identification checks and reviews SMS campaign data, ensuring transparency for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in the US. This process helps to increase throughput rates and reduce spam and fraud in SMS messaging. It is recommended that all 10DLCs are registered with the TCR to access high-volume sending.  

Businesses can register with an online SMS service like Notifyre, which provides users with the ability to register their Brand and SMS campaign with the TCR.  

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How to get a 10DLC Number with Notifyre

  1. Login to Notifyre and navigate to ‘Settings’, then ‘Numbers’
  2. Select ‘Virtual SMS Numbers’, then click Add New.
  3. Choose a number best suited to your business location.  

Once you’ve got your number you can send SMS with restrictions on throughput and low delivery rates. However it’s recommended you start your Brand registration to enable high-volume sending and high delivery rates with mobile network operators.  


Best Practices for SMS Content for 10DLC Campaigns

When you register your 10DLC campaigns, follow these guidelines on the types of content required for your messages. You’ll be asked to submit sample messages which will act as reference points for carriers who send your messages.  

  • Consistent Use of Numbers: Use one recognizable number for each campaign.
  • Web Domain Consistency in URLs: Ensure the use of a consistent web domain in URLs.
  • Clarity and Professionalism in Language: Use natural language and avoid textspeak.
  • Business Identification: Include your business name in the SMS for instant recognition.
  • Message Length and Clarity: Keep SMS messages concise and clear, preferably within 160 characters.
  • Opt-Out and Help Options: Always include "STOP" and "HELP" instructions in your SMS. An unsubscribe method must always be visible in the SMS message.


The Process of 10DLC Campaign Registration

  • 10DLC Registration: You can only register your 10DLC numbers with a SMS service provider. Notifyre’s SMS service offers online registration and can be completed in your Notifyre account.
  • Start by registering your Brand and then your SMS Campaign.  
  • Checking Your Registration Status: Once registration forms have been submitted, you can check the status of your Campaign in Notifyre’s dashboard to see if your campaign has been approved or if changes are required.
  • 10DLC Registration Support: It’s common for campaign applications to need refinement. Notifyre’s support team provides speedy assistance to get your campaign approved quickly.  

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Navigating A2P 10DLC Registration Requirements

A2P 10DLC registration is recommended for sending SMS messages to US phone numbers. Unregistered 10DLC numbers will face message restrictions and messages can be blocked by carriers. To comply, register your 10DLC with an approved CPS, such as Notifyre.

Failing to register a A2P 10DLC can lead to increased message filtering and blocking. It's crucial to understand and adhere to these requirements to avoid disruptions in your text messaging services.


Strategizing for Effective A2P 10DLC Messaging

  • Understanding Your Needs: Assess whether your messaging volume requires 10DLC registration.
  • Completion of Registration: Complete the registration process, ensuring all required information is accurately provided.
  • Carefully craft your SMS content: Remain complaint and follow content best practices when sending A2P messages.  

For further guidance, refer to Notifyre’s SMS guides or reach out to our team via live chat or submit via our contact form. These will help when registering a 10DLC giving you access to high-volume A2P messaging to maximize your text messaging strategies.


Embracing 10DLC and A2P for Business Growth

Sign up with Notifyre to get your 10DLC and begin sending A2P messages to enhance your business communication. Significantly improve your customer engagement with Notifyre’s online SMS service.  Notifyre’s expert team can help you follow best practice, and help your business leverage these SMS tools for mass SMS messaging.

Notifyre’s online SMS services can be incorporated into current business processes and software systems with SMS API to enhance efficiency and the need for multiple communication platforms. A2P text messages can also be sent via your preferred email client. Learn more about Email to SMS.  


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