How Long Does it Take to Send a Fax

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In today’s world we expect all communication to be instant but what about traditional communications like fax? If you plan to send an online fax you might want to know the differences between an online fax service compared to sending and receiving with a fax machine and how much time it takes for a fax to be transmitted. Unlike other messaging methods, faxing is secure which is why time is a factor during the sending and receiving process. The below will help you determine how long it will take to send a fax.


How Long Does it Take to Send a Fax?

The time it takes to send a fax electronically can vary based on several factors, including the content of the document, the transmission speed (BAUD rate) of the fax machines involved, and any optimizations applied during the transmission process. The below will help you determine how long it will take to send a fax.

1. Text-Based Documents: For documents primarily composed of text, the average transmission time is around 1 to 2 minutes per page. This is a common estimate and may vary based on the specific capabilities of the online fax service.

2. Documents with Graphics or Images: If the document being transmitted includes graphics, scanned images, or detailed content, the transmission time may extend to around 3 minutes per page or longer. The larger file size of graphics-rich documents can slow down the transmission speed.


How Long Does it Take to Fax Online with Notifyre

Before sending your fax online faxing with Notifyre, ensure you've registered for an account. Follow these easy steps:

Once your Notifyre account is set up, navigate the Notifyre dashboard, designed for quick fax sending.  

Notifyre prioritizes timely faxing - our system typically takes only 15 seconds per page to transmit. However, allow a 1–2 minute waiting time per page. For instance, sending a 50-page document may take approximately 50-100 minutes.

Factors influencing this duration include:

  • Recipient's line quality.
  • Maximum transmission speed of the destination fax machine.
  • Complexity of the document being sent (documents with images take longer than plain text).


How Long Does it Take to Fax from Computer with Notifyre

The initial steps for computer-based faxing with Notifyre mirror those for online faxing:  

  • Register for an account with Notifyre.
  • Verify your email address to complete the registration
  • Add funds to your account.

Once you're set up, sending a fax from your computer is seamless. Notifyre efficiently transmits a page in just 15 seconds, with a waiting time of around 1-2 minutes per page.


Online Fax Service Efficiency  

Whether faxing online or from your computer using Notifyre, the process is designed for efficiency. The platform's dedication to timely transmission, coupled with user-friendly features, makes it a reliable choice for those seeking a hassle-free and pay-as-you-go faxing experience.

Get started with Notifyre and send your fax today.

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