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Deliver critical information via SMS text alerts and notifications

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Many businesses rely on instant communication methods to send their customers, clients or staff emergency updates or critical messages. For organisations in industries like healthcare, government and education specifically, the effective delivery of time-sensitive information may be the difference between saving a life or ensuring regular services like university classes aren’t disrupted. Implementing SMS in your business for text alerts and notifications is the perfect way to keep customers informed and build trust and loyalty in your organisation. 

We dive into the benefits of using SMS in your business to deliver time-sensitive information via SMS text alerts and notifications below.


Instantly grab your audience’s attention with SMS

No matter where your customers are, ensure they receive the right information on time, every time by sharing urgent information via SMS text alerts and notifications. With multiple ways to send an SMS using Notifyre’s multi-channel communications platform, simply login to the dashboard, mobile app, existing email account or software to send SMS alerts and notifications to customers for emergencies, severe weather warnings, amber alerts, service disruptions and more. Target specific customers individually or send an SMS broadcast to thousands.


Conventionally access SMS anytime, anywhere

Critical alerts don’t stop for anyone, so why should your business communications? When unexpected events occur, you need a fast and reliable way to immediately contact your customers. Our SMS alerts and notifications have you covered, with access from any device, at anytime, anywhere.

Unlike email, SMS messages don’t get lost in spam inboxes and don’t require an internet connection or app installation to be received. SMS text messages have a 98% open rate compared to an average email open rate of 21.33%, ensuring your messages are almost always guaranteed to be read by the recipient.


Easily send SMS communications via existing software

SMS is not only used by businesses to send customers emergency alerts and notifications, it’s a great way to inform customers at important stages during their journey. Easily automate SMS text messages to be sent through your existing software and systems via Notifyre’s powerful SMS API gateway. Equipped with business-grade reliability, security and compliance, easily automate SMS communications with customers for IT maintenance, server downtimes, reminders and more.


Fyre up your business communications with SMS alerts and notifications

By sending the correct information to customers at the right time via SMS alerts and notifications, you improve trust and build loyalty in your brand and make customers feel valued. Try Notifyre today and discover how implementing SMS in your business communications for alerts and notifications can help improve business communications and efficiencies.

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