Fill Shifts Faster and Easily Manage Staff Rosters Via SMS

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Roster management and staff scheduling has always been a challenging task, especially for organisations in hospitality, healthcare, government and education that rely on effective internal communications with staff to keep operations running smoothly. Implementing SMS rostering in your business can help to streamline staff rostering and boost productivity by ensuring effective coordination of availability and vacant shifts. We dive into how the benefits of using SMS for rosters and shift management in your organisation below.


Easy Shift Management

Coordinating the day-to-day staff rosters manually can take hours and result in not only miscommunication and lost shifts, but a loss of business revenue. SMS provides your business with an instant way to send alerts to staff of changes to rosters or site conditions, vacant shifts or unplanned absences. Send a bulk SMS broadcast to your entire list of staff or send SMS messages to individual staff members. 

Notifyre’s 2-way SMS messaging feature allows you to receive replies from staff to confirm shift acceptances, reschedules, changes and more.  By using SMS, you connect instantly with staff members to ensure your shifts are always covered, reducing business administrative costs and improving efficiency.  


Fast Message Delivery with a 98% Open Rate

It’s hard to rely on printed rosters, email or online portal access, especially if your organisation employs hundreds or even thousands of team members. When you need to reach your staff to fill last-minute shifts or notify them of shift cancellations, SMS can reach everyone in minutes. Instead of waiting for an email reply or incoming phone call, staff can respond instantly so you always know exactly who is and isn’t available. Not only does SMS rostering make shift management easier for everyone involved, but it’s also helping to improve employee satisfaction through fast and effective communication. 


Improve Customer Care Through SMS Automation

By spending less time performing administrative duties and more time focusing on providing exceptional service to your customers, SMS helps your business build customer loyalty and retention. Businesses and staff can get frustrated when scheduling isn’t done in an organised and timely manner, leading to confusion and poor customer care.  

Notifyre’s powerful SMS API gateway can arm your current software and system with SMS functionality, providing easy automation of SMS text messages. Easily send staff shift reminders, weekly schedule updates, shift bidding notifications and more, all through your existing software. Reduce manual tasks and improve overall workplace efficiencies through SMS, leading to improved internal communications with all stakeholders. 


Fyre Up Your Business Communications with SMS for Staff Rosters and Shift Management

Employee scheduling and attendance tracking is easier and faster with Notifyre SMS. Enhanced communication with employees via SMS reduces booking cancellations and no-shows and improves time management and business efficiencies. Try Notifyre today to discover the benefits of implementing SMS rostering in your business. 

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