The Top 5 Benefits of Using SMS in Your Business

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With the rise of mobile phone use around the world, SMS has now become the easiest and quickest way to communicate with others. According to Statistica, the current number of smartphone users in the world today surpasses 3 billion and is forecast to grow to over 4.3 billion in 2023 and beyond.  

Due to this growing communication medium and its popularity in not just individuals but businesses, many organisations around the world are starting to implement SMS solutions to improve communications with customers, clients and employees.  

If you’re searching for a way to connect directly with your audience and improve organisational efficiencies, we go into detail on the top five benefits of using SMS in your business and show you exactly how simple it is to send an SMS with Notifyre. 


1. SMS improves business communications

According to g2, when asked what’s most important when connecting with a business, 31% of consumers said they would like options when it comes to how they communicate. Sending your audience an SMS text message allows you to communicate with customers, clients or employees in real time, improving overall business communications.  

With Notifyre’s 2-way SMS and dedicated virtual SMS number features, not only can you send SMS, you’ll also be able to receive SMS, manage and track replies and provide a way for your audience to stay connected with your business throughout their entire journey.  


2. Builds quality relationships

Communicating directly with your audience on a regular basis through SMS helps to build trust in your brand and improve relationships with customers, clients or employees. Unlike an email, g2 states that consumers are 4.5 times more likely to respond to an SMS and continue two-way communications with your organisation. 

No matter what industry your business falls in, SMS can be implemented in your organisation and used for many means of communication, including reminders, alerts, notifications and more. 

With Notifyre’s custom fields and personalisation feature, you can insert dynamic fields like first name, last name, company name and more straight into your SMS text messages to assist in building positive relationships with your audience. 


3. Increases operational efficiencies

Does your organisation have lengthy communication processes in place? Are your administration staff spending unnecessary time on phone calls with customers, clients or employees? Using SMS in your organisation helps to improve business workflows and processes and reduce administrative inefficiencies, to keep communications flowing. Reach your audience at lightning speed and ensure time-critical information is always delivered on time. 


4. Connects with existing systems

Not only can you send and receive SMS text messages via Notifyre’s secure online portal, email to SMS and Notifyre desktop and mobile app, Notifyre’s powerful SMS API gateway provides organisations with the ability to integrate SMS into your existing business applications and workflows. In doing so, you’ll have direct access to SMS functionality straight from your existing systems or software. 


5.  Reduces business costs

With a 98% open rate, integrating SMS text messaging into current business communications processes and workflows helps to reduce administrative costs and IT overheads as it almost guarantees your audience will read and respond to SMS communications from your business. Using SMS text messaging in your business can also help to reduce the cost of customer conversion by reducing missed appointments, boosting sales and reducing call centre pressure. 


How to Send an SMS with Notifyre

Once you’ve signed up for a Notifyre account, you can start sending SMS instantly via Notifyre’s multiple channels, including a secure web portal, SMS to email or mobile & desktop app. Sending an SMS online is easy: 

  • Login in the Notifyre Dashboard   
  • Select “SMS” on the left navigation. 
  • Select “Quick SMS” from the dropdown menu. 
  • In the From SMS Number field: Select from the dropdown menu “Shared SMS Number” or if you have purchased a dedicated Virtual Mobile Number, select “My SMS Numbers”.  
  • In the To SMS Number field: Enter the destination mobile number and select the plus button or select “Enter” on your keyboard to add. You may enter multiple mobile numbers to send an SMS Broadcast. 
  • In the Message field: Enter the body SMS message text.  
  • Click “Send”. 

Visit the Notifyre Help Centre to learn more about how to send an SMS online. 


Start Using SMS in Your Business Today

It’s time to take advantage of SMS and start using SMS communications in your business. Create a Notifyre account today or give our sales team a call on 1300 032 836 for a demonstration of the Notifyre platform.

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