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Gain a Competitive Edge by Running SMS Competitions and Promotions

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Marketing, advertising and promotions are one of the core attributes for businesses to grow their customer base, build brand awareness and ultimately convert leads into sales and revenue. These days, it’s easy for business marketing to get lost in the crowd, especially if you’re still using hardcopy brochures and letters or email communications.  

With 5.25 billion unique mobile phone users in the world today and 72% of consumers believing SMS marketing is a great way for businesses to get their attention, running competitions and promotions via SMS provides the perfect opportunity for your organization to cut through the noise and connect directly with your audience.  

Notifyre’s powerful SMS text messaging service is built to help retail and ecommerce stores, hospitality, travel and other service providers boost business revenue by running effective competitions, promotions and marketing campaigns via SMS. We dive into the benefits of SMS competitions and promotions below.  


Build Brand Awareness to Drive Traffic

Kick-start your marketing campaign by sending bulk SMS to your entire customer base all at once for competitions to offer prizes, chances to win, promotional discounts and more. With an online SMS service like Notifyre, your competitions, advertising and promotions are instantly delivered to your audience. Use a dedicated virtual SMS number to ensure your audience knows exactly who the SMS text message is from, improving brand loyalty and trust in your business. 

By running SMS competitions and promotions, you’re opening up your marketing campaign to the widest audience possible, instead of the information getting lost in email marketing or pamphlets dropped into letterboxes. In doing so, SMS is providing your business with the fastest way to drive virtual traffic to your online store or foot traffic to your physical store location. 


Grow Your Customer Base

Running SMS competitions and promotions is a great way to generate new customers and leads and grow your opt-in list by encouraging your audience to respond to competitions in order to win prizes, use discounts or provide feedback through SMS surveys. By using Notifyre’s 2-way SMS messaging feature, you can send SMS text messages to your audience and receive, track and manage replies directly through your dashboard. 

Once customers respond to your SMS competition or promotion, they’ll be can added to your marketing opt-in list, helping to grow your audience and ultimately your customers, purchases and business revenue. 


Improve Customer Loyalty and Brand Reputation

We understand the importance of your marketing campaign being a success and helping to drive your business’ ROI. When sending SMS competitions and promotions with Notifyre, you can view sent and receive SMS text messages in real-time, ensuring effective monitoring of your marketing campaign and gaining helpful insights into your customer’s behavioral patterns. 

By analyzing your customer’s behavior, personalizing your SMS messages with custom fields like first name and last name and sending your SMS competitions and promotions at the right time, you’ll improve customer loyalty and see a higher conversion of sales.  


Fyre Up Your Business Communications with SMS for Competitions and Promotions

Are you ready to implement an online SMS solution in your business? With most consumers preferring SMS text messages as their ideal mode of communication, it’s time to utilize SMS for competitions and promotions in your organization to drive sales, improve customer satisfaction and enhance brand awareness. One way to utilize SMS is for your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to maximize your sales opportunities. Try Notifyre today. .


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