Improve Customer Experiences Through SMS Feedback Surveys

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Send surveys and receive vital feedback via SMS to improve communications and customer satisfaction. With only 13% of businesses allowing for customers to respond to their SMS messages, it's time to utilize SMS in your business to send bulk SMS survey broadcasts and receive customer replies via 2-way SMS messaging.

Notifyre's powerful SMS toolkit is designed to assist retail and ecommerce stores, resorts and hotels, medical practices, banks, delivery companies and other service providers to receive valuable insights on products and services in order to rapidly resolve issues and improve experiences with your brand.

We dive into the benefits of using SMS for feedback surveys below.


Receive Instant Feedback

With 269 billion emails being sent every day and nearly 50% of those being flagged as spam, it’s easy for customers to miss important emails and never check their junk inbox. Text messages, in contrast, have a 98% open rate and are 5 times more likely to be read and actioned than an email.

Sending customer satisfaction surveys via SMS is the most effective way for your organizations to collect and manage timely feedback from customers. No matter your product or service offering, receive instant feedback with SMS and action both negative and positive customer feedback straight away.


Craft Engaging Surveys to Improve Reach

Gain higher survey response rates and encourage customer feedback by building engaging and conversational customer satisfaction surveys customers want to complete. Easily setup and automate text messages to be sent after customers have visited your store, venue, entertainment hotspot, restaurant or accommodation to gain a better understanding of how they view your business.  

With Noitfyre’s SMS scheduling, you can setup your SMS customer satisfaction surveys to ensure they’re sent at the right time, every time. By using a dedicated virtual mobile phone number in your region, you’ll improve brand credibility and customer engagement with your survey.


Easily Collect Data to Analyze Survey Feedback

View and analyze customer satisfaction survey feedback directly via the Notifyre dashboard in real-time, with SMS replies available within seconds. Export customer responses to save results for later, manage opt-out lists and determine overall performance of your SMS feedback with our SMS tools.


Fyre Up Your Business Communications with SMS for Customer Satisfaction Surveys

No matter what industry your organization falls in, SMS feedback surveys provide your business with the perfect way to gain instant feedback from customers to improve business processes and communications. Try Notifyre today and discover how adding SMS to your business communications strategy can improve customer satisfaction.

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