Reduce Chasing Past-Due Bills with SMS Payment Reminders

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Implement SMS as part of your business communications to send billing updates and payment reminders. With SMS payment reminders improving on-time loan payments by 7-9%, SMS is the perfect tool to help utility, telecommunications, healthcare and other professional service organisations reduce missed payments and cut overdue account balances.


Get Paid Faster Through Instant SMS Communications

Take advantage of instant communications to remind your customers of upcoming payments, overdue bills or provide them with non-payment penalty information all from the palm of your hand. Let customers respond with 2-way SMS messaging capabilities if they’re having issues, so you can address and fix them straight away to maintain a positive customer experience with your brand.


Improve Business Cashflow Through On-Time Customer Payments

Chasing customers for payment can be time-consuming, especially if you’re making calls because your emails are being ignored. Help customers stay on top of their bills with SMS payment reminders. Showcase your exceptional customer service skills all through the same channel by sending payment reminders, billing notifications, invoices and providing a link to a secure payment platform via SMS. With a 98% open rate, your reminders are almost guaranteed to to be read by your audience, boosting business cashflow and ensuring payments are always made by the specified due date.


Increase Customer Loyalty by Personalizing SMS Messages

Sending personalized billing and payment reminders improves customer loyalty and ensures that customers remain on track with their payments. Provide customers with incentives for paying on time including coupons, vouchers or a discount off their next payment. Easily personalize messages by using Notifyre’s custom fields including first name, payment due dates, amount owed and more.


Fyre Up Your Business Communications with SMS for Billing and Payment Reminders

With everything going on in the world today, it's easy to forget paying bills on-time. By encouraging timely repayments through SMS payment reminders, your business can reduce overall costs and improve customer retention. Try Notifyre today and discover the benefit SMS can have on your business cashflow.


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