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SMS text messaging toolkit for business

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Take engagement with your customers to a whole new level.  Notifyre’s powerful SMS toolkit for business provides your organization with direct access, into the palm of your customers.  

With SMS open rates as high as 98%, it’s time to start connecting with your audience in real-time to achieve business outcomes and meet revenue goals.


Powerful SMS features to improve communications across your entire organization

  • 2-Way SMS – allow your audience to reply to your SMS messages via a virtual mobile number, so you can track, manage and instantly action replies. 
  • Bulk SMS  easily broadcast your message across your entire audience. 
  • Virtual SMS number  build two-way relationships with an optional virtual mobile number, dedicated to your organization. 
  • Personalization insert dynamic fields for a more personalized SMS experience.  
  • Multiple redundancies – multiple routes available for higher success and reliability. 

Reduce appointment no-shows with SMS text message reminders. Make the most of Notifyre's powerful SMS features to enhance your organization's communication strategy.


Simple and easy-to-use platform for all users

  • Secure web portal – easy SMS sending from any browser on any device. 
  • Email to SMS – designed for quick and simple SMS sending without ever leaving your inbox. 
  • App – send SMS from your pocket while on-the-go with Notifyre’s user-friendly app. 
  • API Integration – turn manual processes into a seamless software experience with a simple and reliable SMS API. 
  • Notifyre SMS Zapier integration - powering automated SMS workflows. Connect Notifyre with over 5000+ apps. No code required.

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